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Here’s How You Can Get Lustrous And Voluminous Hair

Here’s How You Can Get Lustrous And Voluminous Hair

For a girl, nothing can compare to the joy of having lustrous, voluminous locks, can it? Unfortunately, our hair is one such part that is susceptible to maximum damage. Be it the weather or our health, the effects of any such factor are directly reflected on the condition of our hair.

Now that the winter chills are setting in, it’s time to reduce such hair damage by upgrading your hair care regime and doubling up the hair protection.

Here are a few tips to remember during to get lustrous and voluminous hair in a jiffy.

Hair Damage Caused In Winter

Winter may seem to be a pleasant season but it can definitely take a toll over your hair. The cold weather majorly troubles your hair by stealing its moisture away. This happens as the cuticles are caused to open up which doesn’t leave a chance for moisture to be held back on hair. 

The strong breeze that blows during the winter also has a harsh effect on your hair. When exposed to strong winds, your hair tangles up and becomes rough and frizzy. Combing such hair can further lead to split ends and breakage.

Tips To Get Lustrous And Voluminous Hair In Winter

No matter how hard winter tries to take away the glory of your beautiful hair, we have some tips that will help you in maintaining the shine and volume of your hair all year long!

Nourish Your Hair And Scalp

Winter is the season when your hair constantly keeps battling with dryness and frizz. Hence, it is an absolute must to keep your hair and scalp hydrated and nourished. The Kaya Root Regen Deep Conditioning Masque is the perfect solution to beat dryness. This masque is designed to deeply condition your hair and to impart instant manageability, visible shine and smoothness. Enriched with superfoods like basil root, sugar cane, lemon and apple extract, this smooth masque also helps in preventing hair fall due to breakage, giving you up to 2x smoother hair.

Say No To Heat Styling

With almost all the wedding bells ringing in December, this month, no doubt might leave you with tons of wedding occasions to attend, making heat styling the number one on your list. But it is advisable that you stay as far away as you can from excessive heat styling as it has an adverse effect on your hair. Using heat styling tools to style your hair can make it more dry and brittle, ultimately causing hair fall and breakage. The Kaya Ultimate 360° Hair Elixir Ritual is a service that delivers instant shine and smoothness to your hair while strengthening the hair shaft and giving your hair a voluminous effect. This ritual combines deep nourishing oils, phytonutrient extracts, vitamin, minerals and plant peptides to ensure that you’re left with smooth and manageable hair.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Although hair trimming is a practice that you should follow regularly, it is a total mandate during the winter. The cold weather causes hair to dry out and become frizzy, thus causing split ends. This frizziness eventually leads to hair fall and breakage. Trimming your hair regularly ensures that your tresses are tangle and breakage free.

Add Volume To Your Hair

If your weak hair strands are facing the effects of winter, they may leave you with extreme hair fall problems. This makes it essential to protect your hair in such a way that they also add volume to your limp hair. The Kaya Volume Enhance And Energise Ritual is the perfect solution to moisturize and soften your flat, limp tresses that undergo the harsh effects of this season. This ritual gives a fusion of natural extracts to your hair, making it bouncy, voluminous and soft. This ritual makes use of a combination of nourishing shampoos and deep conditioning creams that revitalize and strengthen your hair.

In conclusion, the season of winter may try its level best to pester you with all kinds of hair troubles. But with these hair care tips, no one can stop you from getting lustrous and voluminous hair even during the winters!

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