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Here Is How You Can Maintain A Continuous Glow In The Monsoons

Here Is How You Can Maintain A Continuous Glow In The Monsoons

Isn’t looking beautiful always the point of focus on our radars? Beauty may only be skin deep but maintaining it comes with tons of difficulties, especially when monsoon is prepped up to overshadow your radiance. But don’t worry! It’s time to put all your troubles aside because we are here with the solution that will maintain your glow even during the monsoons.

What Causes Dull Skin During The Monsoon?

Monsoon is a joint venture of moisture and humidity.  These two felons are the reason why your pores start producing excess sebum (natural oil). This oil attracts all kinds of environmental pollutants that clog the pores, making your skin look dull. Clogged pores can also lead to acne breakout. On one hand, where the atmosphere makes skin oily, washing your face with hot water during this super cold season makes your skin excessively dry.

Is It Possible To Get Glowing Skin During The Monsoon?

With the tips that we have for you, it is absolutely possible to maintain glowing skin even during the monsoon!

Use A Cleanser

Be it any season, cleansing must be a part of your skin care routine on a daily basis as it eliminates any contaminants that settle on the face by exfoliating your skin. This helps in releasing clogged pores. However, cleaning your face with a regular soap often makes skin dry and rough. The Kaya Brightening Beads Cleanser is designed with a special formula that exfoliates dead skin cells without leaving skin dry. Enriched with Vitamin B3 and E, this cleanser makes skin brighter and keeps it hydrated.

Day And Night Moisturizing

Just as cleansing needs to be on your skin care list every day, moisturizing is what your skin shouldn’t do without! There are two conditions that your skin goes through: Preparing to battle against external pollutants throughout the day and healing itself at night. Moisturizing your skin both, during the day and night acts as an aide for your skin. The Kaya Brightening Day Cream will smoothen your mornings by not only offering protection against harmful UV rays but also by keeping your skin soft and even. If mornings are so sorted then extend this to your nights as well! The Kaya Brightening Night Cream enriched with antioxidants, works its magic on your skin at night, giving it a soft, fresh and luminous look.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Unlike summer, monsoons may not leave you dehydrated and thirsty. Which is why increasing the intake of water becomes much more essential during this time of the year. Your body cells constantly make use of water for their nourishment. Providing your body with enough of water and other fluids will keep the cells hydrated and make your skin supple and plum. However, stay away from sugary drinks or cold drinks for that ethereal glow.

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