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Heard About Severe Acne? Maybe It’s Time To See A Dermat

Heard About Severe Acne? Maybe It’s Time To See A Dermat

Are you a victim of acne? If so it's time to get your skin checked by a dermat! We know that getting rid of acne is a task but if not eliminated on time, this condition can intensify, causing severe acne. Here's all you need to know about severe acne.

What Is Severe Acne?

Acne is a common visitor that shows up on every girl’s face. But severe acne goes one step further. The accumulation of oil in hair follicles of skin, leading to acne formation is a common phenomena. But severe acne occurs when the clogging goes deeper into the pores, causing the occurrence of red bumps that get filled with pus. These painful red bumps also called as papules reach the final stage of severity when they become infectious and lead to the formation  of bigger bumps.

How To Identify Severe Acne?

Some signs that severe acne leave on your skin can make them easily identifiable. With severe acne, come read bumps and pus-filled pimples. Skin inflammation is another sign of severe acne. During this condition, acne flare-ups spread across your skin, leaving behind bigger bumps and deep scars.

Why Is It Important To See A Dermat?

Consulting a dermatologist is the best way to resolve your skin problems before they start slipping out of hand. A dermatologist will help you by recommending a plan of action to cure severe acne. The Kaya Rapid 360° Acne Clear System uses a holistic approach to treat and control acne. It is a dermat led service that comprises of a combination of various peels, services and medication to treat severe acne. The expert dermatologists at Kaya start the session by conducting an in-depth checkup of your skin. Once the root cause is identified, a customized treatment which is a combination of advanced peels, services and medications are designed especially for your skin type. One of the most effective peel used in this service is the Tri Active Acne Clear System with Black Peel. This peel is a natural organic acetic acid combination peel that comprises of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to subside the redness caused by severe acne.The peel contains Potassium Iodide that helps in healing wounds faster.

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