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Have a small wedding - Find out why

Have a small wedding - Find out why
  • Allows you to mingle with guests

Keeping your wedding a minimal affair means you will just have few guests on the list. This will give you the opportunity to mingle with each of them with ease. You will be able to personally meet them and thank them for making it a beautiful memory. A small wedding helps you to do away with the gawkiness of meeting guests who barely know you or your partner.

  • Less stress

Since it will just be your family and friends, there won’t be pressure. It will feel more like a celebration of your love. You will not have to be formal and can enjoy your day to the fullest. It will help you to bond with your new set of family and friends.

  • Have more luxury

With the number of guests being less, you have the chance to spend on more luxurious things. You can opt for better food, or include alcohol. Maybe shake a leg by hosting a DJ party post wedding celebrations. You can spend on personalised return gifts for your guests.

  • You can spend on your honeymoon

It makes no sense to spend money on lavish food spread which ends up in the waste. You could rather save some money for a memorable honeymoon. In the end, you and your partner have to spend lives together. So start creating memories right from the beginning of your married life.

  • Invest in a house

Instead of spending money on a big fat wedding, it is wise to invest that money in buying a house. It helps you to shoulder responsibilities together and create your own world and space. It will give you both a secure and stable future together.

  • Indulge in charity

Donating and helping the underprivileged is always more satisfying then splurging on an expensive wedding. You will begin a new life together by being blessed for your generous actions.

We are sure these are good enough reasons to have a small wedding yet make it a memorable one for your partner and your loved ones. Even with a small wedding you can make your D day a perfect one.    

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