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Haircare in winter

Haircare in winter

You must be glad the scorching heat is over and puts an end to your hair woes. 

However with winter just setting in, there are going to be new concerns to take care  of.

But there are ways that the damage can be controlled and you can have beautiful hair  to flaunt. 

Control frizzy hair

There is lot of static energy during the cold winter months. To protect yourself from  the dry cold breeze you cover yourself with woollen pullovers and scarves. This  causes a static, leading to frizzy hair. To do away with frizzy hair, brush your hair  with a combination of plastic and boar bristles. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair  instead of hot water. Frizzy hair can cause breakage. Strengthen them by applying  Kaya’s Hair Health Gel as its innovative protein, mineral and vitamin complex  promotes hair growth & strong healthier hair. Special herbal extracts like Saw  Palmetto, Gingko biloba & Hibiscus nourish the hair from within. Visit:

Fight dandruff

The cold breeze of winter will dry your scalp and make it itchy. Plus there is very  little moisture in the air, making the scalp flaky and leading to dandruff. So, how to  address this concern? Kaya’s Scalp Purifying Factor Anti Dandruff Shampoo removes  dandruff gently and nourishes the scalp. It moisturises and prevents dryness. It is mild  and can be used on daily basis. To know more visit: online/anti-dandruff-shampoo-0

Dry your hair

After a hair wash, drying your hair in cold winter months is bit difficult. However it is  not a good idea to tie up wet hair. So take some time and use a hairdryer at low or  medium setting and dry your hair. You can have hair and scalp problems if you tie up  wet hair. Also you can allow your hair to dry naturally, just ensure you let it happen.

Condition it 

Conditioning your hair is really vital in the winters in order to keep it moisturized.  Choose a conditioner that is for your hair type. You can also add few drops of your  favourite oil to the conditioner. Choose oils that are non-greasy, and leave it on for  about 15-20 minutes. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

Cover your hair

Protect your hair from the dry breeze as it tangles your hair and leads to breakage.  Tie a scarf or wear a cap or hat to protect your hair from cold wind. Ensure you do  not tie the scarf tightly as it will interfere with blood circulation.

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