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Hair Fall Treatments, Home Remedies and Various Causes of Hair Fall


What is Hair Fall

Hair fall is a very common condition and affects most people at some point of time in their lives. It is normal for an average individual to lose 50-100 hair a day. Those with bald patches or thinning means they are losing hair, somewhat more than when compared others.
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How to Control/Stop Hair Fall?

Hair Fall Control Tips & Preventive Measures: There are many things that must be taken into consideration when it comes to the nurturing of hair and blocking the hair fall. Below are the certain tips which can be followed:
  • Daily Hair Care :

    The most important is to regularly take good care of our hair by keeping it clean and maintaining it with the use of good natural and cosmetic products available in market. Our methods of everyday washing and drying of hair are very important when it comes to avoiding hair fall.
  • Abrupt Medication Use/Stoppage :

    If the doctor has prescribed you a medication and it is coinciding with hair loss, do not consider it a sign to stop your medication abruptly. It might just be a temporary side effect.
  • Do Not Stress Over Temporary Hair Fall :

    People have a tendency to panic over the slightest signs of hair fall. They need to understand it can be a result of many physical or outside conditions. Illness, childbirth or even change in weather and water can cause hair fall. Do not stress over it as stress can also lead to temporary hair loss.
  • Consult a dermatologist :

    If your hair fall is persistent, more than usual and causing you immense concern, the best thing to do is consult a dermatologist and get yourself treated. A prolonged hair fall may result in the loss of self-esteem and can kill your confidence.

Home Remedies for Hair Fall:

There are quite a few home remedies which can contribute in stopping the hair fall to a good extent. You might want to try out some of the following:
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  • Hair Oil Massage :

    The most important is to regularly take good care of our hair by keeping it clean and maintaining it with the use of good natural and cosmetic products available in market. Our methods of everyday washing and drying of hair are very important when it comes to avoiding hair fall.
  • Benefits :

    Oil massage is the cornerstone for every hair care regime. A regular hair oil massage will help strengthen hair growth, right from the roots to the tip. Apply hair oil on the scalps and give it a soft message. This will increase the flow of blood to the hair follicles, condition the scalp and strengthen your hair root. This also cuts down on the stress which is one of the causes of hair fall.
  • Direction :

    One can use either of coconut, olive, mustard or amla hair oil for a hair massage. Massage your hair at least once a week to get the best possible results in a month.
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Fenugreek :

  • Benefits :

    Fenugreek seeds have hormones that help promote hair regrowth. They are a good source of protein and nicotinic acid that strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage. The seeds contain hormone antecedents that propel the growth of hair and rebuild damaged follicles.
  • Direction :

    One of the easiest remedies is to soak the fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind them to make a paste. Apply the paste on the hair and cover it with a shower cap for half an hour. Wash it off. This needs to be repeated every morning for a month for the results to appear.
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Onion Juice :

  • Benefits :

    Onion has a high concentration of sulfur that helps with numerous hair conditions that cause hair to fall out. It helps in improving the blood circulation to the hair follicles, regenerates them and minimizes inflammation. Several researches conducted on hair fall have established that onions contain great healing properties. These are effective in treating conditions such as androgenic alopecia or female pattern baldness.
  • Direction :

    All one has to do is to extract the juice of an onion, apply it on the scalp and leave it for half an hour. Wash it off with water and then shampoo your hair.
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Beetroot :

  • Benefits :

    Beetroot juice is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, potassium, phosphorous and calcium along with Vitamin B and C.
  • Direction :

    Ensure that you keep either beetroot juice in your daily diet or eat it as salad. Apart from beetroot, spinach, lettuce and carrot juice also keep your hair healthy and avert the dangers of hair fall.
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Flax Seeds :

  • Benefits :

    Being rich in fatty acid content, flax seeds encourage hair growth and prevent further hair fall.
  • Direction :

    One tablespoon of flax seeds (freshly grounded) is to be consumed with a glass of water each morning. Whole flax seeds can be added to the salad and soups as well.
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Causes of Hair Fall

The causes of hair fall can be multiple, ranging from hereditary causes that cause male and female pattern baldness to other physical, chemical and medical occurrences in life. The most common cause of hair fall is a hereditary condition called male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness. It is also medically known as Androgenetic alopecia. It usually occurs gradually and in predictable patterns — a receding hairline and bald spots in men and thinning hair and hair fall in women. It is a medical condition that runs through the genes.
  • Pregnancy :

    Women experience hairfall sometimes during post pregnancy
  • Stress:

    Someone under a lot of mental stress can experience hair fall too.
  • Hormonal Changes and medical conditions :

    Such changes and turbulences can cause hair fall for a temporary period. This can happen due to child birth or a commencement of menopause. Thyroid glands also affect changes in the hormones so it can be assumed that thyroid issue may result in hair fall.
  • Patchy hair loss :

    Patchy hair loss is alopecia areata. This happens when the body’s immune system attacks hair follicle that results in a sudden hair loss leaving smooth, roundish bald patches on the skin.
  • Hair-Pulling disorder :

    It’s a psychological condition where an individual is compelled to pull out their own hair, whether it is from the scalps or eyebrows or any other area of the body. Such condition is called trichotillomania.
  • Medications :

    Too much of Vitamin A consumption can cause hair fall. Also, the medications for ailments such as cancer (radiation and chemotherapy), arthritis, heart and high blood pressure may result in hair fall. Ringworm of the scalp can also result in balding if not treated effectively. These conditions can lead to both temporary and permanent hair loss depending on how soon it can be controlled.
However, there isn’t too much to worry about as almost all the reasons of hair fall can be stemmed and treated. It is better to see a dermatologist who is an expert in treating the skin, hair and nails.
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Signs & Symptoms of Hair Fall:

  • Gradual thinning on top of head :

    This is the most common case of hair fall which affects both men and women as they age. For men, the hair starts receding from the forehead in an M like position. Women, however, retain the hair line on the forehead but the part broadens in their hair.
  • Circular or patchy bald spots :

    Another sign is a smooth bald spot which is the size of a coin. This usually affects the scalp alone but it can also be found on beards or eyebrows. Sometimes the skin becomes a little itchy and pains before the hair fall.
  • Sudden loosening of hair :

    Hair fall can start suddenly as well, especially in the wake of a physical or emotional shock or a trauma. Hair can come out in a bunch while combing or washing. Sometimes even a tender tugging results in a bunch of hair coming out. This is the kind of hair fall which results in hair thinning.
  • Full-body hair loss :

    In such cases the entire body experiences hair fall. It is largely due to a prolonged ailment with a laser treatment such as chemotherapy for cancer can cause hair fall all over the body. Even though it is not permanent and the hair starts growing back in sometime unless there is a major complication.
  • Patches of scaling that spread over the scalp :

    This could very well mean a ringworm. This usually happens along with broken hair, redness, and swelling. This needs an immediate medical attention.
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What are the Best Hair Fall Treatment?

Dermatologist Recommends: Like we said earlier, hair fall can happen due to multiple causes and the dermatologist treating it has to find the root cause of hair fall in the particular person to come up with the most effective treatment. Doing a thorough analysis about every detail of a persons diet, life events, ailments, etc. helps them reach this conclusion. The manner of hair fall (gradual or sudden), medication intake, if the person has any allergy or is dieting or what are the food patterns, etc. are the many factors that are considered before a treatment is prescribed or suggested. Eventually the expert dermatologist goes to the scalp and may pull out a hair to examine its root. In some cases the scalp tell the story behind the hair fall. A small piece of scalp is pulled out for an examination called scalp biopsy. Sometimes the blood tests are also required. These processes may take some time and may need a few weeks. With respect to the treatment process, there is a prescription based treatment and a non-prescription based treatment.

Non-prescription based hair fall treatment :

  • Minoxidil :

    Approved by US FDA, minoxidil is applied on the scalp and can stem hair from getting thinner and triggers hair growth on the scalp. It is the sole hair regrowth product approved for both men and women.
  • Laser devices :

    Approved by US FDA, minoxidil is applied on the scalp and can stem hair from getting thinner and triggers hair growth on the scalp. It is the sole hair regrowth product approved for both men and women.

Prescription based hair fall treatment :

  • Finasteride :

    This comes in a form of a pill and contains the hair loss in most men. This has been approved by US FDA for the hair fall treatment of men . This has triggered the regrowth of hair in around 66% men and works strangely by preventing the body from producing a male hormone, i.e. dihydrotestosterone.
  • Corticosteroid :

    This is injected into the scalp of the affected person if the hair fall is caused by inflammation in the body. This helps in stopping the inflammation which occurs when an individual has alopecia areata. A corticosteroid is different from an anabolic steroid.

Hair fall Treatment Procedure :

The kind of procedure depends on the amount of hair loss. Following are some of effective procedures:
  • Hair transplantation :

    Hair transplant is done in the scalp area where hair growth is needed. The area is transplanted with the fertile skin of scalp having good hair. For best hair transplant in India , choose Kaya.
  • Scalp reduction :

    The totally infertile and bald scalp is surgically removed and a good hair scalp is placed to bridge the distance and reduce balding.
  • Intensive Hair Root Therapy :

    At Kaya, dermatologists target the hair roots using micro injections that contain nutrient cocktails, natural plant extracts and vitamins. This stimulates hair growth and prevents further hair fall and thinning.
  • PRP Hair Rejuvenation :

    PRP hair treatment for Hair Loss ne of the safest and non-invasive FDA approved services uses your own body’s plasma. This plasma enhances hair follicles to become healthier. Performed by Kaya experts, it has zero downtime.
  • Hair Nutri-Infusion Therapy :

    Charged ions deliver a nutrient cocktail through the scalp. At Kaya, dermatologists infuse this cocktail containing vital nutrients to prevent hair fall.
  • Laser Treatment :

    Available at Kaya, this is a safe form of light/heat treatment that increases blood flow in the scalp and stimulate metabolism of hair follicles.
  • Scalp expansion :

    This involves insertion of devices under the scalp for around a month. This helps in stretching the skin. This can be performed to expand the hairy areas in order to reduce balding.
  • Scalp flaps :

    A fertile section of a scalp is surgically removed and placed where the hair is needed.

Hair Fall Treatment at Kaya :


Conclusion :

Once the dermatologist is convinced at the reason behind the hair fall, they will give a plan on how and when to expect what. There are cases when the hair fall is detected to be a temporary phenomenon and thus, did not need treatment. It will regrow on its own after sometime. However, there are times when you will have to change the treatment as per the findings and that stops the hair fall and the treatment may result in restoring the hair as well.
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