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Hair colour mistakes to avoid

Hair colour mistakes to avoid

Choosing A Wrong Hair Colour

Usually the picture displayed on the hair colour picture is just for reference. You might not get the same results. Your hair quality and texture plays a major role in getting the desired results. Your hair stylist will recommend which hair colour shade you should use. The hair colour should not make it look artificial; it should make it look natural.

Applying Hair Colour On The Scalp

Hair colour is loaded with chemicals; avoid applying it on scalp as it can damage your skin. If you are applying hair colour to cover grey hair that is root touch-up, you can get close to the scalp area. Also applying hair colour on the scalp can stain the skin and lead to patchy skin. You can apply oil or Vaseline on your hairline to avoid staining of your scalp.

Not Using The Right Product For Hair Care

It is advisable to use the right hair care products for hair care. Use colour protect shampoo and conditioner. Also deep conditioner mask before you apply the hair colour and also post the hair colour process. It helps to ensure the colour better and faster.

Not Testing the Hair Colour

Always test the hair colour on a strand of hair. It will give you an idea as how the colour will look. Plus if you are allergic to the chemicals present in the skin colour it will be advisable not to use it.

Avoid Experimenting

Going bold with reds and blues is always tempting, but it is advisable to not make any drastic changes to your hair colour. What may look good on your friend may not suit your personality. At times experimenting can be a big disaster. It is advised to stick to colours that are compatible with your skin tone.
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