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Hair Care Routine To Keep Dandruff In Check

Hair Care Routine To Keep Dandruff In Check

Done looking for new ways to get rid of the embarrassing dandruff attack? If so, stop your search, you’ve been stressing enough! Here’s the upgrading that you need to do to your hair care routine to keep your dandruff in check.

What Causes Dandruff?

It may be tough to pinpoint the exact reason behind the occurrence of dandruff but some common factors could be blamed for your flaky scalp. An oily scalp is like a breeding ground for dandruff. When your scalp becomes greasy, it blends with Malassezia, a yeast found on your scalp. This combination turns out to be the starting point of dandruff. Dry scalp or sensitivity to wrong hair products are some other reasons for the sudden occurrence of dandruff.

Hair Care Routine To Eliminate Dandruff

If a flaky scalp is harassing you, here are a few steps to add to your hair care routine that will take care of this menace.

Overnight Care

Night time is the recovery period for your body. This is the time when your hair care routine works its magic on your hair. The Kaya Overnight Purifying Lotion controls dandruff and reduces scalp itching and redness. This lotion is fortified with coconut oil which also nourishes and soothes the irritated scalp.


The secret to reducing the advent of dandruff is a clean scalp. A dandruff prone scalp can become more irritated due to dust and other external impurities. Regular shampooing fortified with the right anti-dandruff ingredients helps to keep your scalp clean and free from flakes and external irritants. The Kaya Gentle Purifying Shampoo has a gentle formula which is enriched with power actives like Piroctone Olamine and Marine Algae extracts that leave your hair soft and flake-free from the first wash. It also reduces itchiness and stops the formation of new dandruff.

Deep Conditioning

Just like excess oil causes dandruff, dryness leads to the formation of flakes that start stripping off from your scalp. Deep conditioning gives your scalp the nourishment it needs. The Kaya Deep Nourishing Masque is designed to deeply condition and nourish your hair. Enriched with marine algae extracts, this masque helps you in getting a healthier scalp and beautiful hair.

Daily Protection

We know it is difficult to take out special time from your busy schedule to work on eliminating dandruff, which is why Kaya has come up with the perfect solution. The Kaya Healthy Hair Elixir is a refreshing serum that helps in removing stubborn dandruff. This non-sticky serum restores the health of your scalp and gives you softer, smoother and more manageable hair.

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