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Habits that lead to thinning of hair

Habits that lead to thinning of hair
Let’s have a look at various lifestyle habits that can indirectly affect your hair.


Crash dieting can always do more damage than you think. In fact, it causes severe hair loss. Starving yourself will make you look unhealthy and also lead to hair issues. It is advisable to eat healthy food on daily basis and include foods like fish, lentils and chicken in your daily diet. Hair is made of protein and if not consumed in enough quantities it can cause hair damage.

Excessive Use Of Styling Tools

Use of hairdryers, hair iron or use of tongs can damage the hair cuticle. This disrupts the moisture content in hair which leads to hair breakage. Use a heat protection serum or gel which acts like a barrier and prevents moisture loss. Kaya’s Hair Health Gel is made of Protein, Mineral & Vitamin Complex. Hair Health Gel is specifically formulated to reach the hair at its root and help control hair loss. Its innovative protein, mineral and vitamin complex promotes hair growth & stronger healthier hair. Special herbal extracts like Saw Palmetto, Gingkobiloba & Hibiscus nourish the hair from within. To know more, visit:

Brushing Wet Hair

Hair is most vulnerable to damage when wet; it needs to be handled with care. Avoid brushing or combing your hair when it is wet. Also do not use a towel to dry your hair as it can cause friction and can lead to hair damage. Use an old t-shirt to blot the water out of your hair.

Taking Hot Showers

Washing hair with hot water can damage the hair cuticle and lead to breakage. It removes hair’s natural protective oil as well as damages the root. Rinse your hair either with warm water or with cold water.

Skipping Hair Wash

Not washing hair can lead to build up of grime which can lead to dandruff. It can clog your hair follicles. It can lead to hair breakage and hair fall. So wash your hair every alternate day with a mild shampoo. Kaya’s Nourishing Shampoo is mild enough to be used every day. This lightly fragranced shampoo is enriched with Hibiscus extracts to add lustre to your hair. Almond oil strengthens it from within, reducing hair breakage. Regular use leaves your hair soft and shiny. To know: For severe hair thinning problems consult our dermatologists today.  
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