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Give Your Skin The Glow It Deserves This Diwali

Give Your Skin The Glow It Deserves This Diwali

The festival of lights is here and we know that you’re pumped up to enjoy every bit of it. But is your skin really ready to light up your face this Diwali? We bet not! Which is why we are here with a very simple way to give your skin the glow it deserves this festive season.

Why Does My Skin Look Lifeless?

If you’re wondering why your skin looks lifeless right before Diwali, give thanks to the bygone blazing summer and gloomy winter! During the summer, extreme heat and the directly hitting UV rays affect the melanin production in your skin. This causes your skin to discolour, making it look patchy and uneven toned. While summer affects the melanin production, winter contributes in dimming your flare by instigating acne outbursts. These acne breakouts leave dark spots on your face, opening the gates for pigmentation.

How To Regain The Glow Of My Skin?

Want to retrieve your radiance? The Kaya Pigmentation Reduction System is the best gift you can give your skin this Diwali. This treatment is a combination of specialized services and products that include highly effective ingredients and technology. These assets include notable properties that work on tan, pigmentation, dark spots and age spots, giving you a visibly clearer and luminous skin. One of the core elements of this treatment is the Insta Clarity Peel. This peel is enriched with botanical extracts that gently exfoliate skin, leaving behind an even skin tone.

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