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Gift Your Sister The Perfect Care Package This Raksha Bandhan

Gift Your Sister The Perfect Care Package This Raksha Bandhan

You might have spent your entire childhood fighting with her, even arguing about which one of you was adopted! But when the sibling rivalry is brushed aside, all that remains is the special bond you share with each other. Your sibling was probably your first friend in life and hence you both share the mutual feeling of looking out for each other. While as kids we do bicker and fight a lot, when it comes to dealing with problems, brothers and sisters always stand by each other.

Raksha Bandhan is right around the corner and hence the perfect time for you to show your sister that you care about her! Read on to find out how you can pamper your sister on this Raksha Bandhan and let her indulge in some ‘me time’ that she’ll be thankful for.

Kaya Beauty Facials

In her busy schedule, making time for a beauty facial might not even strike your sister’s mind! Give her a chance to be rejuvenated and refreshed with the Kaya Expert Beauty Facials.

Each of these facials are designed and customized by our dermatologists as per the ingredients and techniques required for each skin type. With a deeper cleanse and exfoliation, these facials will be the best gift to give your sister a fresh start to a healthier and balanced complexion. A relaxing beauty facial is a great way to rewind and feel pampered and we’re sure your sister would be touched by this loving gesture of yours!

Kaya Ultimate 360° Hair Elixir Therapy

Remember how your sibling wars equalled to rowdy hair pulls! Well, now in adult life, your sister’s hair undergoes a lot more harmful things like pollution, hectic lifestyles and imbalanced diets which have a much worse effect on your sister’s hair than you’d imagine. Now is the time to show some love with the Kaya Ultimate 360° Hair Elixir Therapy.

With a combination of deep nourishing oils, phytonutrient extracts, vitamins, minerals and plant peptides, this therapy is an elixir for one’s hair! It energizes the hair root, prevents hair fall and volumizes the hair. This therapy also contains an application to deliver instant shine and smoothing effect to the hair.

This treatment would provide the protection to her hair just how you would provide protection and warmth to her!

Want to bring a bright smile on your sister’s face, along with a lasting glow? Then what are you waiting for? Book an Appointment at Kaya immediately!

Here’s how Kaya’s beauty facials help in giving a perfect complexion.

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