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Get Your Nails Back in Top Shape!

Get Your Nails Back in Top Shape!

It is important to know what’s causing the damage and what the right ways to prevent it are. Here are some great tips and products that will help strengthen your nails and get them back in shape:

Keep them short, dry and clean. Keeping your nails short, clean and dry prevents bacterial and fungal growth under your nails, which thrive when there’s excess moisture or tucked-away dirt. Avoid excess exposure to water, harsh chemicals and always wear gloves when doing the dishes.

Moisturise. Use cuticle cream/oil to avoid dry cuticles. Your cuticles prevent water from seeping into your nails so don’t cut them but instead, push them back and keep them moisturised, and they’ll guard your nails. Also, moisturise and massage the nail bed, this increases blood flow to your nails, which keeps them healthy.

Use a Nail Hardener. Nail Hardeners contain proteins and vitamins that nourish and strengthen weak nails. Apply a base coat before polish. Always use a base coat, preferably a nail-fortifying one, before you slap on the polish. It protects your nails and prevents yellowing of the nail bed. That said, if you want successful recovery, there are things that you must avoid while you nurse your nails back to health. Here’s a quick list. Avoid:

  • Biting your fingernails and picking your cuticles.
  • Using your nails as a multipurpose tool to pick and pry things.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers - they’re very drying.
  • Acrylic nails - they weaken your natural nails further.
  • Avoiding the doctor, if your nail problems are persistent.

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