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Get The Perfect Look With The Perfect Hairstyle

Get The Perfect Look With The Perfect Hairstyle

It is interesting how we invest hours in finding the right outfit yet disregard our hair. 

It takes a touch of ability to make the look; however, it is not unmanageable. 

Give us a chance to help you by proposing few hairstyle suggestions that you can  flaunt.

Office Look



A perfect office outfit can get ruined by a wrong hairstyle. You might be wearing the  power suit but what if you get the hairdo all wrong!  You will be in and out of office, logging in more than 9 hours of work time – it would  be best to keep the hair away from disturbing you. If you have long hair, it is best you  tie up your hair in a smooth high pony tail. If you sport short hair, go for an unfussy  look and pin any fly-aways. Even a French braid will make your long hair look good. Do ensure to pin your bangs  with some cool accessories and bobby pins which are easily available in the market. 

Sporty Look


Who says you cannot look best while working out? We do agree that you need to keep  the hair out of your way though. The best styles during a workout are French braids.  In fact, why not opt for a reverse French braid. Also, a high pony tail is the safest  bet. Use good quality gel or wax to keep your hair in place. Use a trendy hairband to  give you hairstyle an edge.

Formal Look


It is always tough to decide the right up-do for a formal event. And it is because most  formal outfits have a unique cut and the neckline is always given maximum weightage  in the outfit. Roll your hair up if you are wearing a strapless dress or have a low cut outfit. This will  help you to highlight the dress, plus flaunt your best features. If you are uncomfortable with showing too much of skin, then leave you tresses loose.  Ensure you opt for long, curled look; just go for loose curls. A low chignon is great for a formal event. It works best for those who are  uncomfortable with loose hair. It is advisable to pull off a hairdo that will make you  look comfortable yet give you a chic look. All you need is confidence.

Casual Look


Though these outfits are very fuss-free, wrong hairstyle can mess up the entire look.  We know you might be wearing a pair of skinny jeans or shorts with a trendy, fitted  top. But you have to nail the perfect look as well. Go for a lop-sided pony tail. You  can also leave your hair loose and pin it up by using trendy hairpins or use a scarf as a  hair band. Loosely braid your hair using a scarf to have a unique look. Trial and error is the best way to ensure you have opted for the right hairstyle with  your outfit. You do not have to spend tons of money on your hairstylist, but just play  around with your hair and try new looks with your outfit. That is the best way to  decide what looks good on you.

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