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Get Smooth, Silky Hair Free Skin This Festive Season With Kaya’s Laser Hair Reduction Solution

Get Smooth, Silky Hair Free Skin This Festive Season With Kaya’s Laser Hair Reduction Solution

Admit it ladies - Navratri is a BIG deal for those of us who celebrate it. From the type of clothes you wear to the way you look, everything you do is of major importance to both you and the people you surround yourself with.

Taking care of your body hair is a pretty huge issue during this season. This is because, regardless of the hair removal route that you familiarize yourself with, your body hair will always start growing back in the blink of an eye. Trust us - we've all been there! When it comes to your body hair, make sure that it never comes in the way of you looking your best!

Laser hair removal generally works on the principle of destroying hair follicles through a highly concentrated beam of light. Due to its targeted approach, it can be used on any part of the body conveniently, be it arms, legs, or underarm. The best part is, it can target an area with coarse hair as well but doesn’t damage the skin surrounding that area. Each pulse of the laser is very quick and can treat many follicles at once, in the fraction of a second. It’s not time-consuming and once done, the whole process of hair removal is pretty much eliminated from your lifestyle. Wouldn’t that be just beautiful? No more hair removal issues for the rest of your lives, sigh. 

The procedure is such that it requires pre-procedure and post-procedure care. Pre-procedure, you should refrain from plucking or waxing of any kind, six weeks in advance. That’s because the treatment mainly targets hair roots which are temporarily removed by these treatments. Limiting sun exposure for six weeks before and after the procedure is also a preventive measure that must be taken. You will have to consult your dermatologist so that they can tell you your requirements, specific to you. 

As you may know, the hair and skin type of each individual is different from one another. 

Kaya has come up with Laser Hair Reduction for that smooth, silky soft skin to eliminate the hassle of monthly waxing. Kaya Laser Hair Reduction employs US FDA approved Nd-YAG laser that has been chosen keeping Indian skin in mind. The laser is absorbed by the melanin of your skin, without damaging the surrounding skin. This reduces regrowth from the hair root, while also preventing further growth. It gives up to 90% hair growth reduction in just six sittings. 

With Kaya Laser Hair Reduction you can finally say goodbye to ingrown hair, you’ll notice a permanent reduction in hair growth and an additional benefit is that you’ll see a significant reduction in pigmentation. As opposed to popular belief, Kaya Laser Hair Reduction is cheaper than waxing. You can go to our website and check out options on how you can actually save money with this treatment.

Generally, after six sessions, a client is satisfied. But if hair regrowth still occurs, they can come for a touch up too.  

This is a treatment that will help you in unblocking all your festivals from the trouble of getting waxed right at the end moment. Instead, you can have silky smooth skin, and a readiness to take on the world. You can get that Navratri look, or the dandiya look, or that Diwali look, without worrying about body hair. 

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