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Get rid of Acne! Go natural with these 5 home remedies

Get rid of Acne! Go natural with these 5 home remedies

Tired of piling your skin with layers of makeup to hide that persistent acne? Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and improve your skin holistically with some tried and tested home remedies. Generally, the kitchen is the last place many of us consider of when we think about skin care. But most of the ingredients there and some other naturally made products can come handy if you want to treat your skin in a healthy way.  

You can either go in for cost-effective procedures like Kaya’s Acne Scar Laser Treatment or go completely au naturale.  

Here’re some of the natural remedies to cure acne:  

Fuller’s earth  

Fuller’s Earth also known as multani mitti has been traditionally used as a face pack for many skin woes. From treating oily complexion to getting rid of acne, this natural remedy can improve your skin from inside out. For best results you can mix multani mitti with sandalwood mixture and rose water to get a smooth consistency. Apply this mixture in a circular motion on your face after you exfoliate it using a mild scrubber. Once it dries up, you can wash it using cold water and gently dab it dry.

Garlic cloves  

Garlic cloves are packed with high antibacterial properties that make them an ideal anti-acne solution. You can either eat garlic cloves or crush them to make a paste and apply it on the acne marks. You can also use its juice to treat the affected area and leave it untouched for a while. Remember to dilute the juice before you apply it on the acne-prone area. If you’re hesitant about the pungent garlic smell, you can apply the mixture during the night so that smell fades away by the morning.  

Egg whites  

Apart from being a good source of protein, egg whites also play a major role in skin cell regeneration and vitality. To reap the maximum benefit, separate the egg whites from the yolk and beat it till it’s frothy. You can squeeze a bit of lemon to this mixture to cleanse your face. Doing this on a regular basis will help you combat acne and reduce the size of oil pores on your face. Ensure that you apply a bit of moisturiser after you wash your face as this egg white mixture can cause dryness in your face  

Orange peel paste  

Before you chuck orange peels into the garbage can again think twice. The antibacterial, Vitamin C, and astringent content of the peels might just be what your skin needs to break free from the acne epidemic. Blend the orange peel with a little bit of water and apply this paste evenly on your face. Once it dries up, rinse it with cold water and pat your face dry with a cotton cloth.  

Tea tree oil  

Tea tree oil acts like a solvent that breaks through the different layer sebum to give you an oil-free skin. It also helps in effectively removing the dead skin cells and unclogs the pores to promote healthy blood circulation. Its antibacterial properties also help in reducing the intensity of acne and in preventing further outbreaks. Dilute the tea tree oil with water or aloe vera gel and use a cotton ball to apply it on the face in slow circular motion.

Use these hacks to get acne-free skin in a couple of weeks without breaking your wallet. These methods, though effective, can only help you in minimising the incidences of acne. Discard your unhealthy lifestyle and improve your eating habits to rid of these skin-related conditions at the root.  

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