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Free your skin from blemishes with these trending home remedies

Free your skin from blemishes with these trending home remedies

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. It protects you from harsh elements, and literally holds you together. Doesn’t something like that deserve a little extra TLC?

As much as you try to take care of your skin, a pimple or a zit is going to pop up at some point or the other. So how do you combat this?

The solution is no further than your kitchen. That’s right—the best ingredients for your skin are natural and organic. So throw away those lotions and potions with names you can hardly pronounce. When it comes to blemish control treatment, home remedies are the best way to go.

Using home remedies for your skin blemishes allows you to treat the issue at its root. The best part about home remedies for acne? Since you probably already have most of the ingredients required, it’s super cheap. Your skin (and your wallet!) will thank you.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar  

You may have heard of using ACV for dandruff. But did you know that the liquid is also great for your acne. It works by killing off any blemish-causing bacteria. How?

When applied topically, ACV becomes alkaline. This helps to balance the pH level of your skin, which makes it harder for bacteria to thrive on it.

ACV is also an astringent, or a solution that dries out excess oil.

Like with all home remedies, ACV shouldn’t be overused. Using it too frequently can dry out your skin, which can actually trigger an acne outbreak.

Also keep in mind that ACV shouldn’t be used topically without dilution. Mix it with water for best results.

2. Tea tree oil


Chances are you’ve seen tea tree oil on the ingredient list of any acne-fighting products you have. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil is a great natural product to use on your skin to combat blemishes.

Like with ACV, be sure to dilute the tea tree oil before application. A 5% solution is what’s recommended by most dermatologists. In fact, a 5% solution of tea tree oil is less harsh than a 5% benzoyl peroxide solution, but can be just as effective!

Be sure to never touch the pure oil with your hands, as it may be too strong. Use a cotton swab instead to prevent germ transfer.

A natural ingredient, along with an acne-fighting skin regime like Kaya Skin Clinic’s Acne Range, is your best bet when it comes to fighting blemishes.

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