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Foods items that cause skin problems

Foods items that cause skin problems

The lifestyle you follow always has a big impact on your health. The same applies to your skin. What you eat always impacts your complexion. At times, the diet is beneficial and at times it has an adverse effect on your skin.

If you going to binge on junk food, your skin will receive poor nutrition and look older.


Indian food consists of papad, pickles and chutney. Salt is always used as a preservative, but it really does harm the skin in the long run. It retains fluid and makes your skin look puffy. Go easy with consumption of salt and you will see the skin will slow immediate improvement. Avoid eating canned or packed food as it is high on preservatives.


Well known as a stimulant, it leads to premature aging of the skin. Drinking in excess leads to thinning of the skin, dehydration and wrinkling. So be careful and think twice when you need that second cup of tea or coffee.


We always blame chocolates for acne, but the real culprit is the sugar present in it. It reduces the production of collagen and makes your skin vulnerable to fine lines and wrinkles. If you really crave for chocolate than it is advisable to eat dark chocolate as it has more health benefits.


Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to dehydrated skin as it reduces the natural moisture of your skin. Dehydrated skin is more vulnerable to wrinkles and fine lines. Cut down on the consumption of alcohol and your skin will thank you.

Processed food

Processed food usually comprises of refined flour and canned juices. These foods are low on nutrient values. They are high on salt and sugar and have low or zero fibre content. They do not benefit your skin in any way; in fact they can cause inflammation and puffy skin.


It is good for your body but it does damage your skin, especially the skim milk. It leads to excess of oil production which can clog your pores. This is one of the top reasons for skin breakout. It is advisable that you opt for organic milk which is good for the skin as well as health.  

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