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Folliculitis - Not As Scary As It Sounds

Folliculitis - Not As Scary As It Sounds

Aren’t medical terms the scariest labels we hear and read about! They cause us to tremble with fear even if the condition is not all that serious. Same goes with Folliculitis! The name may sound petrifying but it’s not at all worrisome if you get it treated at the right time and right place. Read on to find out what exactly is folliculitis and how you can deal with this problem.

What Is Folliculitis?

Folliculitis is a condition caused by the inflammation of hair follicles, generally occurring due to an infection or an allergy. In this condition, red bumps or blisters filled with pus may arise on your skin. If not treated at the right time, there are chances that the infection may spread and may leave behind blemishes.

One of the major reasons of folliculitis is the use of razors on skin to remove unwanted body and facial hair. Thus certain types of folliculitis caused by shaving are also known as razor bumps.

Folliculitis is divided into two broad categories, superficial folliculitis and deep folliculitis which are further classified into various categories. Superficial folliculitis is when only a part of the hair follicle is infected whereas deep folliculitis is when the entire hair follicle is infected.

Is Laser Hair Removal A Solution For Folliculitis?

If you’ve spotted the beginning of folliculitis, it is better to consult a dermatologist immediately before the condition flares up. The Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch is the best way for you to avoid folliculitis as the laser hair removal technology directly targets the roots by going deeper into your skin. This avoids any possible infection or allergy caused by shaving. Moreover, the dermatologists at Kaya recommend a treatment plan according to your skin condition. So you are rest assured that your folliculitis is well taken care of by the experts at Kaya without any hassle!

It’s better to cease the evil before it spreads. Book an appointment at Kaya at the earliest to get rid of folliculitis.

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