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Flaunt your glorious, smooth skin with Kaya's Laser Hair Reduction

Flaunt your glorious, smooth skin with Kaya's Laser Hair Reduction

Do you have hairy legs? If that’s the case, you should get your unwanted body hair removed, especially if you wear shorts or short skirts.

Waxing and hair removing creams might first come to mind, but the agony, time, and effort involved in such procedures can overwhelm you. The end results don’t last too long either.

What you need is Kaya Skin Clinic’s Laser Hair Reduction for legs. It combines technology and expertise to give you silky, hair-free legs that you can flaunt anywhere, anytime.

What’s special about Kaya’s methods?

Kaya Skin Clinic takes a unique approach to hair reduction. They first study your skin to analyse hair quality and growth patterns. The second step is using laser reduction on a small patch of your skin to determine if it’s comfortable being treated by a laser.

The final step is the formulation of a hair-reduction plan, which is monitored by dermatologists, and carried out by seasoned laser therapists. 


  • Laser Beam

Kaya uses US-FDA approved, Nd YAG laser technology that targets coarse hair. The laser works on all skin types, with no side effects at all. However, people with pacemakers are not advised laser hair reduction.

The beam penetrates the skin to remove hair at the follicular level. This is more effective than hair-removing creams and waxes, and only needs 6-7 sessions for visible results.

  • Expert Hands

The lasers are only operated by experienced laser therapists who are monitored and managed by dermatologists. Only a therapist who undergoes full training courses on laser hair reduction walks away with a certificate that deems them worthy of operating the machines.

Moreover, they follow proper hygiene and safety standards to ensure that the patient walks away completely satisfied from the procedure.

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