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Five ways to unwind midweek

Five ways to unwind midweek

Whoever said pampering was just for the weekend, clearly hasn’t heard of midweek blues. We wait for the weekend for a lot of things, but skincare shouldn’t be one of them. To feel like a new rejuvenated version of yourself instantly, give your skin some love right in the middle of the week because you deserve to look flawless throughout the week.

Get An Expert Kaya Beauty Facial.

Visit a Kaya Skin Clinic and let the experts customise a Beauty Facial for you according to what your skin needs. Doesn’t that sound absolutely amazing? Get the expert treatment and add the skin pampering to get the perfect midweek skin treatment.

Spin The Routine With Kaya’s Skin Health Routine

Stay protected and regenerate your skin throughout the week with Kaya’s Skin heath Routine which consists of a Sunscreen to protect your skin, a soothing cleansing gel and a revitalizing toner. This kit will keep your skin young and healthy through the mid-week blues.  

A Little Extra With The Skin Awakening Rinse And Skin Awakening Gel

Go the extra mile for your skin. Revive and illuminate your dull skin with Kaya’s Skin Awakening Rinse and Skin Awakening Gel. Kaya’s Super Orange Bloom range is an extra dose of multi vitamins that will make your skin bright and refreshed immediately.  

Night Ritual With The Anytime Moisturizing Cream

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize should be one’s mantra to keep their skin in great shape. Make it a ritual to use Kaya’s Anytime Moisturizing Cream after washing your makeup off in the night. With Shea butter and Kokum butter, it’ll always keep your skin soft smooth and healthy.  

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