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Five Fashion Trends you need to try now!

Five Fashion Trends you need to try now!

Crop Tops.

There’s more than just your legs to flaunt this year. 2014’s been all about baring the mid-riff. Crop Tops have been trending for a while and they are here to stay. So, that automatically makes it a wardrobe staple. You MUST have them. They can be sexy, chic or cute depending on how you pair them. It’s also a great way to turn up the heat if you are not comfortable with short dresses. The best thing about crop tops is that they are versatile. You can pair them with pretty much anything - pants, short or long skirts, whatever suits your style.

Flower Power.

As clichéd as that sounds, Florals are always a favourite in the hot months. You can choose a floral midi-dress, a floral sleeveless top, a floral skirt or all of them. They are low maintenance, easy to work with and they instantly make the heat bearable. It’s in the Pleats.

Nope, we are not talking about sarees. We are talking about the pleated skirt that is taking the runways by storm. You can choose any length you are comfortable with and you would still be trending. So, get your hands on them. Push the Hemline.

Longer hemlines are all the rage this year. Stray from the minis just this once and get your hands on the knee-length or tea-length skirts and dresses. They are sexy in an understated way. Try them. A Pop of Colour.

While monochromes are still going strong, there are a few hues that have snuck their way to the top. If you are going colour be sure to stack up on oranges, blues, orchids, cayenne and icy pastels. You are going to see them quite a bit, and you’d want to be one of the firsts. Mix it up, and get dresses, skirts, tops, etc., in these colours and you’d be bang on trend.

PS: If being on trend is important, then keeping your body in good shape to carry them off is equally important. As you may have noticed, this year’s trends require you to show plenty of skin, so make sure that your body is worked out and hair-free through the season, particularly your legs, arms, underarms and midriff. A gym membership and Laser Hair Removal should do the trick. Why not waxing or shaving? Because, while they are great, they don’t exactly keep you hair free permanently or save you trips to the parlour. Besides, if you’ve let technology help you in all aspects of life, there’s no reason you shouldn’t let it work its magic on your body hair too. It’s safe, it doesn’t give you in-growths and you end up with hair-free satin smooth skin. Win, win and win! 

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