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Feel Empowered With Radiant Skin This Women’s Day

Feel Empowered With Radiant Skin This Women’s Day

We need facials in our lives more than ever now, with the elevating levels of pollution and our lifestyle. As Women’s Day is just around the corner, feel inspired with skin that speaks volumes. Embody Kaya’s mantra of empowerment and feel every bit like the strong, powerful, independent woman that you are!

Kaya’s Mantra – Beautiful Skin, Beautiful You

Kaya has mastered the art of bringing out every woman’s inner beauty. Kaya’s mantra to empowerment is ‘Beautiful Skin, Beautiful You’, because your skin is the reflection of your inner health. Be healthy, be strong, be a beautiful woman with Kaya.

Kaya Luminous Radiance Therapy

The Kaya Luminous Radiant Therapy is a skin brightening facial that removes the tan and evens the skin-tone. It is suitable for all skin types and gives overall results in just 4 steps.

The 4 Steps Glow Facial

The 4 steps in this facial helps in achieving a timeless glow and health to skin. The first step involves unique microdermabrasion technique of exfoliation to remove uppermost dead layer of the skin. Get even skin tone with the next step that involves serum application. Step 3 continues with a 10 minute massage on the face to improve the blood circulation on the face to help the face relax and look clear. The last step includes putting on a thermal mask to gently absorb the whitening cream and give instant brightening effect on the skin.

Who Needs This Facial

Every woman who doesn’t get time to look after herself needs Kaya’s help. As this facial works on all skin types, it is an all-rounder for your skin needs. This skin brightening facial will leave your skin rejuvenated, hydrated, relaxed and glowing instantly.

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