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Fashion style as per your Zodiac

Fashion style as per your Zodiac

Are you clueless about making the best impression? Do you find yourself uncertain about what to wear to an important meeting or event? Are you confused about what colours look good on you? Well, your Zodiac Sign can guide you well. Let see as per your zodiac what is the best for you.


Red is the colour for you as it represents your ruling planet Mars. Always opt for this colour on special occasions as it will be lucky for you. Wearing ruby colour dress will be your ultimate style statement.


Your sign is ruled by Venus which is intense by nature, which means luxury is your style. Go for silk, floral outfits and pastel colours.


You have a diverse personality, which is great as you are comfortable to experiment with variety of colours, fabrics, styles and accessories. For your personality, colours like orange, yellow and neon are perfect. Capri pants, short dresses and sporty wear are just right for you.


Go for outfits that are in white, cream or silver in colour. Wear pearls as they are perfect for your personality. Also you can carry outfits which have a net or lace. Men can wear formal shirts that are in softer colours.


Leos have exquisite tastes and love to attract attention. Opt for outfits in shades of yellow, gold and orange. Leo men should go for relaxed look while women can opt for classy and elegant outfits.


People under this sign love to have everything perfect, that stands true for their personal style. You should wear outfits made in linen or cotton in warm and earthy colours. Rusts, browns or beige coloured outfits are perfect for you.


Venus is your ruler and you love wearing new outfits. Opt for outfits in pinks and pearly colours. You can go for dresses in delicate brocade.


Scorpio is an intense sign ruled by the dark Pluto. You can go for outfits in deep colours of red and black. Also, you can complete your look by wearing sunglasses or tinted spectacles.


You are free spirited and it helps you to experiment with styles. Opt for fitted outfits for formal occasions. Outfits in red, purples, pinks and navy blues are perfect for your personality.


You are traditional in your fashion style and hence wearing outfits in shades of brown, greys and tans is perfect for your persona. You crave for elegance and these colours will do perfect justice for you.


You are free spirited and boho look will be the perfect look for you. Go for flowy skirts, shorts, colourful jootis or chappals. You love colours so opt for mix and match look. Also Indo-western look will be easy for you to don.


You are very sensitive and romantic by nature. You know how to charm people. Opt for outfits in blue or green. Even outfits which have a tinge of silver go well with your personality. Outfits in chiffon or muslin are perfect for you.

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