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Fashion goof-ups we all make

Fashion goof-ups we all make

Avoid being uncomfortable

The general view is, too much of skin show is a turn off. It is one of the worst  mistakes in any fashion book. Show off your skin as long as you are comfortable. You  don’t want to be tugging your dress. You may get attention but trust us it will not be  positive attention. If you want to show off your body, make it look sexy than flashy.  Wear a silky top with a pair of skinny jeans; team a mini dress with ankle high boots.  Being comfortable should be your main priority.

Avoid getting stuck in the past

Wearing classic or vintage outfits has been always followed by women. Even we agree  that it is a good investment. But the issue is as you grow older you go into the  comfort zone wearing the same old outfits. It will be a great idea to if you could  stylishly pair old styles with the new ones. Also, your body undergoes lot of change so  it is advisable to pick outfits that will suit your body type.

Bad fit

Trying to carry a fit that does nothing to your figure is a common mistake most of us  make. Avoid covering yourself in baggy or loose fitting outfits or trying to fit into a  size that is too small for you. Your dress needs to flatter your body curves and not go  against it. A fitted outfit will make you look and feel confident. With right accessories  you will surely make heads turn. 

Wearing too much of bling

Wear too much of bling and you will be mistaken for a Christmas tree. To avoid this  mistake go easy with jewellery. Adorn delicate pieces of jewellery for everyday wear.  Mix and match your jewellery to create the right look. If you are wearing huge  dangling earrings, then do away with a necklace. Wear a simple watch or delicate  bracelet to beautify your hands.

Wearing wrong lingerie

This is the number one fashion blunder done by most women. It is always neglected  leading to major blunders. In fact at times it messes up the entire outfit. At times the  bra size or fit is all wrong. It is essential to get yourself measured once in a year to  know your correct size. Wearing a strappy bra on a racer back top spoils the entire  look of the outfit. It will be advisable to wear a strapless bra to enhance the look. If  you wearing a sheer or white outfit, it is best to wear a nude colour lingerie to give  you a good silhouette. 

Do let us know which goof-ups you regret the most!

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