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Facials You Need In Your Life

Facials You Need In Your Life

With the stress and pollution around, a daily routine of cleaning, toning and moisturizing your face is not enough. To ensure the glow on your face is intact, try Kaya’s Beauty Facials. Kaya offers a varied range of facial treatments to choose from different skin types and conditions.  It not only relaxes the skin, but also exfoliates it to give you that iridescent glow.

Kaya Hydrate And Restore Facial

This facial spa gives deep skin hydration. Nobody wants dull and dry skin. Kaya’s Hydrate And Restore Facial  you can get healthy and rejuvenated skin. The therapy begins with a unique hydra exfoliation process that brings out a new and fresh layer. It is followed by the moisturizing effect of Hydra Nourishing Massage Cream, which is combined with the instant smoothening effect of the enzymatic wax to regenerate cells and enhance skin’s strength. The therapy ends with intense action of Vitamin-C rich Antox Vit-C serum and ultra-fresh Rehydrating Mask that moisturizes even the most damaged skin, making it moist, supple and smooth.

Kaya Antox Ultrasheen Therapy

Exposure to pollution and climatic changes attract a lot of dust and impurities that reduce the skin’s radiance, making it look dull. Kaya Antox Ultrasheen Therapy  works on these skin impurities with its unique 3 staged action – Refresh, Renew and Reduce. Let your skin feel this multistage exfoliation, thermal therapy heating mask and clearer complexion through a variety of massage creams, serums and Vitamin-C containing complexion mask.

Kaya Signature Face Therapy – Ultra Detox

Kaya Signature Face Therapy’s Ultra Detox  is designed to relax the skin and rid it of its impurities. This therapy uses jet spray technology that drains off the toxins and gently exfoliates skin making it feel fresh. Skin-harming free radicals are then put to rest with a Vitamin-C anti-oxidizing potion. After which, mulberry extracts are infused into the skin to bring out its natural glow. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage with earthy Neroli and fruity Patcholi essential oil cream which relaxes the skin with a fragrant treat, leaving it in a relaxed and pure state.

Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy 

Experience 4 layers of pure, fresh European seaweeds that rejuvenate and tone the skin. Seaweed contains essential fatty acids which help in infusing moisture into the skin. The Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy  is a 4 step therapy that relaxes, moisturizes, hydrates and protects your skin. Layer 1 contains seaweed filtrate which is a concentrated form of freshly harvested seaweed. Layer 2 contains The Kaya Signature Massage with a creamy hydrating formula. Layer 3 contains fresh seaweed mask that gives a cooling and soothing effect. Layer 4 contains Mineral Mask that activates the effects of seaweed to give the final touch.

Kaya Intense White Luxe Therapy When your skin is exposed to the sun for a long time it gets damaged and tanned. Kaya Intense White Luxe Therapy  gives your skin the care and pampering it deserves. To reduce the tanning and damage of skin, it uses Remy Laure Peeling Cream that exfoliates the skin and reduces tanning with its dry chafing action. And Arbutin extracts are used to relieve the skin of any damages to create a visible lightening difference. So now rediscover brighter and moisturized skin without the effects of the sun!

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