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Facials That Eliminate Acne From Your Skin

Facials That Eliminate Acne From Your Skin

Don’t we all just love to pamper our skin and give it the love it deserves by resting every type of facial on it? With so many options of facials available in the market these days, it can become a task to come down to the right facial needed for a particular skin type. If your skin is prone to acne and is sensitive to such facial treatments, we have the perfect solution that will leave you with radiant skin that is free of acne.

Why Do Some Facials Cause Acne?

You may have noticed that some facials do not always leave you with clear, glowing skin that they promise. Rather they are the reason why you spot acne and pimples on your skin a few hours later! Here’s why some facial treatments don’t work well on your skin.

Acne is majorly caused when the pores get clogged with impurities. These pores are connected to the oil glands located below your skin which release sebum to provide your skin with hydration and moisture. When skin pores get accumulated with dust, skin cells, excess oil and other impurities, they block the oil glands from releasing sebum. This causes the sebum to pile up below the surface of your skin which gives rise to acne.

If your skin is sensitive to acne, it reacts adversely to facial treatments and leads to acne breakouts. Sometimes, the bacteria left on your skin, post the facial treatment, causes the outbreak of acne on your face.

Can Some Facials Reduce Acne?

Although it is true that some facials can stir up acne outbreaks on your skin, if the right facial treatment is chosen, it can be a boon to your skin in many ways. These facial treatments act as exfoliators that clear off any impurities that might have made a home in your skin pores. This is the most crucial step to avoid the outbreak of acne. The right facial gets rid of any underlying bacteria that settles in the skin pores, eliminating further chances of acne breakouts. Facial treatments also provide your skin with the right amount of hydration while they work on clearing out excess oil that resides in the skin pores. This helps in putting an end to acne even before they become a cause of concern.

Which Is The Right Facial For Acne Prone Skin?

If your skin reacts extremely to facial treatments by causing acne then the Kaya Purepore Clear Skin Therapy is what you should opt for. This service is designed to target and the causes of acne in order to give you clear,radiant skin. It tackles acne prone skin by dealing with its root cause, targeting the bacteria that resides within your skin pores. This facial is conducted through an effective skin care process where the facial skin is purified with toxins, conditioned and moisturized to calm and soothe. The benefits that this therapy provides ranges right from deep pore cleansing, toning and extraction to skin hydration and excess oil control.

Stop troubling your acne prone skin with facials when Kaya is here to help you! Book an appointment at Kaya today to experience acne free skin.

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