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Fabulous Hair Is Not Too Far Away

Fabulous Hair Is Not Too Far Away

Long, luscious hair is the ultimate hair goal for a majority of us. While it may sound tedious to maintain your hair, it’s entirely all about healthy choices you make. Here are some tips for you to get healthy, flaunt-worthy hair!

Go Old School With Coconut Oil

Nothing energises your hair like a good coconut oil treatment followed by a hair wash. Coconut oil acts as a natural conditioner, keeping your hair cool, hydrated and frizz free. Oiling your hair before sleeping at night is a perfect way to let the oil work its magic.

Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Excessively

As much as we love to have clean, fresh-out-of-the-shower hair, it may end up causing unnecessary damage to your hair. While shampooing your hair too often will expose it to chemicals, washing your hair less often will help regain its natural texture and lustre. A gap of 2 to 3 days between washes is considered ideal.

Protect Your Hair

Be sure to carry a scarf around while travelling on a sunny day. Use a swim cap before jumping in the pool to protect your hair against the chlorine water. Keep a rubber band handy when it’s windy. These little things will protect your hair from becoming dry and frizzy.

Eat Right

Every skin and hair problem comes down to what you consume, so a nutritious diet of fruits, greens and beans will keep your hair lustrous and healthy.

Trim Regularly

Get rid of those split ends ad rough edges regularly. An inch long trim after every 6 weeks is ideal.

Kaya Nourishing Shampoo Kaya Nourishing Shampoo is a mild shampoo enriched with Hibiscus extracts to add lustre to your hair. The almond oil in it strengthens the hair and reduces hair breakage. This shampoo is perfect for frequent usage.

Kaya Hair Health Boost Treatment

The Kaya Hair Health Boost System is specially designed every type of hair. This treatment comprises of specialized therapies to boost the health of the hair, root and scalp to give stronger, thicker and shinier hair. It is the ultimate hair care regime.

The most important tip to get fabulous hair is to be able to manage stress well, as it has been proven that stressing can cause major hair full and damage.  Healthy, fabulous hair is a result of a happy, stress free life.

Take a look at this Easy Hair Care Routine, that will protect and strengthen your hair.

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