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Everything You Need To Know About Pigmentation

Everything You Need To Know About Pigmentation

As we get older the delicate skin of the face and neck are exposed to skin pigmentation issues. The appearance of dark spots and discolouration could be caused due to sun exposure (UV rays), hormonal changes, pregnancy, skin aging , just to name a few. Your smooth and even skin tone is gradually been replaced by brown spots and uneven patches.

Skin discolouration is commonly known as pigmentation. We all wish to have a skin-perfect complexion with ever-lasting youth but due to these spots we can’t get rid of them easily. Take a look at the causes of pigmentation below.  

Post-Acne Pigmentation

Squeezing of pimples can lead to more redness and swelling. The skin and the tissue beneath get damaged. Usage of unsuitable skin care products can be irritating to your skin. These products for acne-prone skin could be harsh on the skin and when overused.  

Age – Spots

When skin ages and is exposed to environmental damages, melanin is consistently produced to protect the skin. Hence, age spots are very common in adults over the age of 50. Skin that is exposed to UV rays frequently shows signs of pigmentation sooner, in the form of dark spots.


Freckles are genetics issue usually occurs to one in younger age.It may even start appearing as early as one reaches two years old. With age, its appearance may become more prominent.

Birth Control Pills

YES! You heard right these pills bring changes in the hormones and disrupt the hormonal balance leading to melasma.

Not keen to go diet

Certain nutrients you are not having in your diet leads to skin discoloration. A lack of folic acid can lead to hyperpigmentation. Folic acid is leafy green vegetables, legumes, and fruits.  

Get away from your computer and mobile phones

The display light from your mobile and computer screen is very dangerously and harmful effect on your skin. Research says that these lights are similar to sun; they affect directly and create uneven skin pigmentation problems   The question arises that How to prevent these spots from Reappearing? So, here are the general home Remedies tips that you can apply in your skin care routine.

Tip 1

Aloe Vera: -   Applying pure aloe vera on your face helps to lighten pigmentation marks. This is only suitable for people who have oily skin type.

Tip 2

Lemons: - Try Scrubbing a lemon on your face gently to remove pigmentation marks the results are very effective and the process is fast. By applying lemon juice, your skin will start looking  fairer and brighter.

Tip 3

Mint leaves: - Grind mint leaves and apply it on your face leaving it overnight. On regular usage of this recipe you will see dramatic reduction in pigmentation marks. It helps to reduce pimples marks too and help them fade away.

Tip 4

Potato: - Applying potato juice on your face removes pigmentation marks. This is a natural bleach for your skin.  

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