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Everything You Need To Know About Combination Skin Type

Everything You Need To Know About Combination Skin Type

Dry skin in some areas and oily skin in the others is what is known as a combination skin type. It is a very common skin type and is usually the result of your hormones or genetics. The sebaceous gland which is responsible for producing the oil in order to moisturise and nourish your skin is located in different areas depending on your genes. This gland is sometimes concentrated in certain areas of your face, making your skin oily, and is not located in other areas which make the skin there dry. Combination skin care can be complex as the skin needs a balance of both dry and oily to be healthy and to glow.

Keep reading to know more about combination skin type and how to manage it.

What Is Combination Skin

As we have established, a combination skin type it is a mixture of both dry and oily skin. The oil is formed because of the sebum produced by your body to nourish the skin. Typically in a combination skin type, your T-zone which comprises of your forehead, nose and chin is oily, which means more sebum  is being produced there, while the rest of your face is dry, which is because of not enough production of sebum. A combination skin type comes with a lot of complications as they are essentially two different skin types merged in one.

How Does Combination Skin Affect Your Face

A combination skin is neither dry nor oily, which makes it difficult to deal with. Enlarged pores are a result of this skin type, which cause breakouts and pigmentation issues. Another problem is that the skin under the oil is also dry and rough, and usually people use products meant for oily skin which further steals the moisture from an already dry skin. This can cause your skin to age prematurely, and form fine lines and wrinkles.

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy

The first thing to remember is to not use products specifically made for either dry or oily skin, as it will cause the condition to worsen. What you need is the right amount of moisture and exfoliation which the Kaya Youth Defence Kit gives you. It is created by professional dermatologists, who understand the problem and give you best products for combination skin type. This kit has a 3 step approach which gives your skin what it needs.

Exfoliate Your Skin

A combination skin type needs to be gently exfoliated to remove the dead skin cells, without drying the skin. Kaya Creamy Exfoliating Rinse does just that with the help of micro beads. It is a facewash which smoothens your skin, and makes it look soft and fresh. The Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry extract in this product targets any pigmentation, making your skin look even.

Use A Toner

It is necessary to detox your skin with a toner like Kaya Refining Mist. It removes the impurities from your skin and tightens the pores, thus preventing any breakouts. This toner balances the natural pH level of your skin, which gives you a natural glow making your skin healthy.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

In order to restore lost moisture to your skin, try the Kaya Hydrate And Restore Facial. This therapy uses a unique hydra-exfoliation process that unveils a fresh new layer. This is followed by the intense moisturization of Hydra Nourishing Massage Cream which is teamed with the smoothening effect of the Enzymatic wax which helps regenerate the cells as well as improves skin’s condition. The facial ends with the Antox Vit-C Serum and the fresh Rehydrating Mask that brings back a boost of hydration to even the most dehydrated skin giving you supple and glowing skin!

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