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Everything You Need To Know About Beauty Facials

Everything You Need To Know About Beauty Facials

Your inner beauty reflects on your skin and makes you glow. So along with make-up, your inner radiance should also be spotless. A facial spa has deep cleansing and deep hydrating actions which leave your skin detoxified, relaxed and healthy. Facial treatments are the best way to maintain the youth, brilliance and glow from within!

What Is A Facial Treatment?

A facial treatment is essentially a multi-step treatment that is one of the best ways to care for your skin. The ingredients of a facial penetrate deep into the layers of the skin detoxifying and unclogging it to give a clean and healthy surface.

The Steps In A Facial Treatment

The following steps are the basic steps in a facial spa and are common in all facial treatments-

Step 1-Steaming: Steaming helps in detoxifying and unclogging the pores of the skin and hydrating it deeply.

Step 2-Extraction: Extraction of pollutants from the pores and crevices of the skin.

Step 3-Exfoliation: Exfoliation of dry and flaky skin.

Step 4-Cream & Lotion: The lotion has antibacterial action and the cream moisturizes the skin.

Step 5- Facial Mask: A cool facial mask gives a calming and soothing effect to the face.

Step 6- Peels: Peels are used to remove any tanning or pigmentation on the skin.

Step 7- Massage: A massage is given to relieve the facial muscles and help in blood circulation of facial skin to make it healthier.

How To Choose The Best Facial Treatment For You

Making an assessment of your skin type and skin condition is of utmost importance before choosing a facial spa. As different skin types and skin conditions require different ingredients and different methods of treatments.

How To Get The Best Facial Treatment Near You 

With the number of options available today, it becomes difficult to choose the best treatment for you. Kaya offers a wide range of Beauty Facials  designed, keeping in mind every skin type and need. And the advices from experts help in giving you the best treatment experience. 

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