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Essential tips for the Bride to be

Essential tips for the Bride to be

To turn you in to a gorgeous bride, we have asked our experts for quick tips just for  you. 

Are you planning to lose or gain (yes, few women need to put on weight as  well) some weight for your wedding day? Do apply a rich body lotion all over  your body on daily basis. It will keep your skin supple and moisturised. As there  will be fluctuations in weight your skin elasticity will be affected. Moisturised  skin will be able to prevent ugly stretch marks. Use Kaya’s Intense Hydration  Body Lotion, it has Shea and Kokum Butter that restores essential oils in skin.  In addition to that, it has a 24-hour moisture lock formula that prevents  moisture loss all day long, leaving your skin soft and smooth to touch. To know  more visit: lotion 

Do not wait till the last minute to pamper your skin. The more time you give to  your skin the better results you will have on your D-day. Correct any skin issue  you have. Get rid of dead skins cells which make your skin look lifeless. It even  leads to acne. Removal of dead skin will give way to glowing skin. Kaya has  best skin care services for the bride to be. You can go for the 60/30/15 day  wedding rituals. It has Aqua Radiance therapy which uses cool and soothing  supersonic jet sprays to gently slough off layers of dead cells, instantly  enabling your pores to breathe while restoring lost lustre. This deep cleansing  process also unclogs blackheads, leaving your skin spotless and fresh. Visit: 

 Most of us neglect our back. We forget to pamper it and give the much needed  care it wants. It requires to be scrubbed and moisturized on regular basis.  Since it is ignored most of the times, it faces lots of acne, dryness and  pigmentation. For your D-day you need to have a perfect back so you can wear  beautiful backless outfits and flaunt your back. Head to Kaya and get  pampered under the expert care. Kaya Back Shine pampers your skin by first  cleansing the back and then following it up with Skin Polishing & Brightening  using Microdermabrasion to remove the dead layer of superficial skin. Your skin  is then exfoliated, revealing new skin that is clearer and smoother. To know  more : therapy 

Your skin and scalp continuously sheds dead cells to create new fresh cells to  keep it healthy. This process accelerates when the scalp is dry and lacks  moisture. It makes the skin flaky leading to dandruff. Wash your hair with  gentle shampoo. Kaya’s Anti Dandruff Shampoo gently removes dandruff and  nourishes your scalp and restores the natural health of your hair. To know  more: Also  avoid keeping oil on your scalp for a long time as it attracts dust, pollution and  sweat making the scalp dirty.

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