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Effects Of Heredity And Hormones On Hair Loss

Effects Of Heredity And Hormones On Hair Loss

Just as beauty is a woman's glory, a crown full of hair is a man’s charming appeal. But this allurant part of your body faces a major threat of baldness by snags like heredity and hormones. This is how heredity and hormones can lead your hair onto the path of baldness and hair thinning.

How Does Heredity Affect Hair Loss?

If  you love running your hands through your hair, know that heredity will soon be ravaging your hair. Male pattern Baldness is a type of hair loss that heredity bestows upon you. This condition is generally inherited from the maternal line. Male pattern baldness comes with hair loss from the temples and the crown of your head, forming a ‘M’ shaped hairline. This ailment compresses your hair follicles, making your hair thin which stops hair growth in due course.

How Do Hormones Affect Hair Loss?

Hormonal hair loss is always associated with women but it is one of the major reasons for hair loss is men as well. DHT, also known as dihydrotestosterone, is a hormone that targets hair and causes hair loss in men. This androgen hormone, released at the bottom of hair follicles covers the cells at the root.This causes the follicles to shrink, eventually leading to thinning of hair strands and stunting hair growth. DHT is a major factor that participates in male pattern baldness as well.

Is There  A Solution To Reduce Hair Loss?

If you’ve been looking for a way to deal with hair loss as well as to perk up your man mane, Kaya offers the best of both worlds. The dermatologists at Kaya have developed the Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions, a new holistic system to make an impact on hair roots. Hair Transplant at Kaya is a procedure in which hair follicles form the donor area (back of the head which is unaffected by hair issues) are transplanted to the balding area called recipient area. As hair from the donor area is resistant to male pattern baldness, it continues to grow for a lifetime. This treatment is carried out under local anesthesia. A wait of 8-10 months after this treatment follows-up with ever-growing healthy hair.

Don’t let heredity and hormones rule over your crowning glory. Book an appointment at Kaya today!

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