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Easy ways to smooth and hair-free skin

Easy ways to smooth and hair-free skin

No one knows the precise reason why people started getting rid of their hair but it is a ritual that seems to be as old as humanity. Earlier when human beings started to remove body hair, the technology was through traditional ways as well as harsh ways. They used a sharp rock to do away with the body hair. Now the technology has advanced and there are better ways to get rid of unwanted body hair – permanently and quickly.  There are various painless ways to get rid of body hair for weeks.

Women continue to have the eternal battle with annoying body hair. Growth of body hair is natural but we still invest time in plucking, waxing, and shaving to get smooth legs, bare armpits and hair free body.

Below are a few ways to get rid of body hair.


Shaving is the process of removing hair with a sharp razor to remove hair off at the skin’s surface. This technique of hair removal can be used on almost any body part, and is often the best method for men who like the feel of a close shave. Shaving works best if you have wispy or fine hair.

Shaving can be a low-cost way to get rid of undesirable hair. Done correctly, it should be painless and shaving can be effective for short-term hair removal.

It is not advised as a best hair removal option for those with very thick body hair, because you may still be able to see the hair root just below the skin even after shaving. Also keep in mind that because you are working with a razor, you are susceptible to cuts and razor burns.


Waxing is an ancient method of hair removal that involves putting warm wax over an area of unwanted hair, then using a cloth or paper strip to rip hair out by the follicle. It works well for those with dark or thick hair.

With waxing, hair appears to grow back more slowly because you are removing each hair straight from the follicle. Waxing can be moderately economical depending on whether you choose to go to a professional or do it at home. It is known to be painful. You will also need to take care of your exfoliating routine to ward off ingrown hair.

Laser hair removal and electrolysis

Laser hair removal and electrolysis provide the closest thing to permanent hair removal. ‘Laser’ refers to an intense pulse of light, which means it carries a risk of burns and should only be done by a certified expert. Electrolysis involves inserting a fine needle into the hair shaft to destroy the hair producing cells. Kaya offers best services supervised by dermatologists who customise the laser service to suit your skin and hair type. 

Kaya Hairfree Gentle Touch works on the hair root without harming the surrounding skin and reducing your hair from the root and preventing further growth. It has no side effects and within a couple of sittings body hair from all over your body can be removed. Book an appointment now! The technology is advanced and customised as per your needs. So going laser is the best way to be fuzz-free. 

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