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Does Kaya’s Laser Target Excessive Hair Growth

Does Kaya’s Laser Target Excessive Hair Growth

A lot of people suffer from excessive hair growth. The reason for the same could vary from genetics to hormonal issues. This could be uncomfortable as well as embarrassing at times. The Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch – Permanent Laser Hair Removal is a good option for people who have excessive hair growth. Let’s have a look at how laser works to target this problem.

Customized Care

At Kaya, we understand that every individual is different. Hence, a dermatologist examines your hair and skin type and only then recommends the right treatment for you. Before the treatment starts, a small patch test will be conducted to determine the skin’s sensitivity. This way, you can trust Kaya to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Advanced Nd-YAG Technology

The Nd-YAG Laser technology  is a US FDA approved technology which is the most ideal option for Indian skin. This is an extremely effective treatment since the beam deeply penetrates to destroy the follicle completely. The basis of this technology is photothermolysis wherein a particular wavelength of light is matched with the duration of the pulse. This affects the targeted area without disturbing the skin around it. This process also ensures that the treatment is safe to undergo.

Most people take about six sessions for the treatment to work. However, in case of excessive hair growth, it might take more. Approximately over 90% of your body or facial hair can be reduced with this treatment. Sometimes, due to hormonal changes, there might be additional hair growth. Nevertheless, this can be dealt with in a few maintenance sessions.

This is an excellent solution for men who are held back from indulging in activities like gymming, swimming or shedding the clothes due to the embarrassment that excessive hair causes! And it doesn’t just stop at that, laser hair removal is the long term solution to problems like continuous shaving a beard. You can maintain a look you desire with the beard shaping option that Kaya offers.

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