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Does Dandruff Cause Hair Fall/Loss?

Does Dandruff Cause Hair Fall/Loss?

One of the most common queries that people have about dandruff is ’is hair loss and dandruff directly connected?’  Before answering that question let us first understand what dandruff actually is. Dandruff is a chronic scalp condition that is characterized by the appearance of white flakes on the scalp. It is the presence of these flakes on the scalp that causes the itching to happen.

Now talking about hair loss- studies have indicated that dandruff directly doesn’t lead to hair loss, however, vigorously scratching the scalp containing flakes actually causes hair loss to happen. When you scratch your scalp to fight the itchiness, your hair root weakens leading to hair loss.      

How does dandruff causes hair fall?

According to studies, 20 out of every 50 women experience hair fall due to vigorous scratching of the itchy scalp. While dandruff is caused due to the drying of the scalp, the friction created due to the scratching of the itchy scalp causes hair fall to happen.

Those experiencing hair fall should be on a look out for dermatitis. Since dermatitis is a condition that results in both dandruff and hair fall, it is said that most people having hair fall usually suffer from one or another form of dermatitis. 

 Another known fact is that dandruff is not directly responsible for causing hair fall in adults. In almost every case, dandruff indirectly causes hair fall to happen.  It is the intense scratching and production of fungal secretions on the scalp that results in hair fall of the scalp. So, this one myth about hair loss due to dandruff needs to be changed.

Well, since dandruff and hair fall are linked to one another, they form two elements of a vicious cycle. There is no doubt that the over production of dandruff causes hair fall, but at times, it can also be the other way round.

Treating dandruff responsible for hair loss

While treating a dandruff-based hair loss problem, knowing the exact cause behind the scalp condition becomes crucial in the treatment of the condition. So, if you are suffering from excess hair loss due to dandruff, you need to find the exact reason behind it. 

Dandruff is caused due to several factors including dry scalp, eczema, psoriasis, overgrowth of fungi, etc. Apart from this, eating unhealthy food, having poor hygiene, allergic reaction caused due to certain products may also result in dandruff.

Following are the home remedies for dandruff and hair fall -

Switch your Shampoo:

The first thing you need to do if you are experiencing dandruff problems is change your dandruff shampoo. Opt for a milder dandruff shampoo that is meant for dandruff problems. Such shampoos usually contain zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole, coal tar, selenium sulfide, etc. that help in fighting germ-causing dandruff, thus offering a relief from dandruff problem. 

Tea Tree Oil:

It has antiseptic properties that help in fighting dandruff.  In order to use it for treating dandruff, add few amount of it with your shampoo while washing your hair. Use this combination for a few weeks and you are bound to see improvement in your scalp. 

White Vinegar:

It contains acidic properties that are known to be highly effective when treating dandruff. Its acidic properties prevent the growth of germs on the scalp thus helping in preventing dandruff.

Olive Oil:

If your dry scalp is causing dandruff, then olive oil can be the best possible treatment for your scalp condition. Olive oil (if slightly warm) helps in conditioning the scalp and hair by providing nourishment, moisture, making it dandruff free.

Lemon, aloe vera, baking soda, fenugreek seeds, etc. are some other natural home remedies for dandruff and hair fall. If there’s no improvement in your scalp condition despite using these natural remedies, then you should see a qualified dermatologist.

Cure for dandruff and hair fall

For Men

Kaya Hair Revive and Fortify Therapyhelps your scalp condition by strengthening the hair root fibre and the scalp, thus restoring your scalp health.

The therapy involves deep cleansing and nourishing of the scalp & hair shaft along with providing anti-oxidant and keratin smoothening benefits. It is followed by controlling the scalp ageing and strengthening the hair root.  The deeper thermal penetration and hydration provides nourishment to the scalp, hair shaft and root. 

Kaya Ultimate 360° Hair Elixir Therapyis a combination of deep nourishing oils, phytonutrient extracts, vitamins, minerals and plant peptides- it treats the underlying causes of the scalp condition and not only the symptoms that are visible.

It nourishes and energizes the hair root helping in providing denser hair. Apart from this, it also helps prevent hair loss due to dandruff using anti-scalp ageing properties. The therapy treats dull, limp and breakage-prone hair using shaft strengthening and volumizing effect. The therapy also contains an application to deliver instant shine and smoothening of the hair and acts as an ideal cure for dandruff.

For Women

Kaya Scalp Purify and Balance Therapygently cleans and nourishes the scalp restoring its health as well as energizing the hair roots. The natural oils used in the therapy will give instant shine and softness to the hair helping you get rid of your hair loss due to dandruff. Now you can say goodbye to your rough, dandruff prone hair with this cure for dandruff.

Kaya Scalp Exfoliate and Revitalize Therapy is developed to reduce dandruff-causing microbes and control the excess scalp oil. This therapy thoroughly cleanses the scalp through anti-fungal actives that removes scalp flakes and provides a relief to itching. The therapy involves 3 stages- firstly, cleansing and reviving the scalp, secondly, nourishing and smoothening the dandruff-prone hair and lastly, reinforcing and protecting the hair shaft.

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