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Do You Know What Could Happen To Your Hair Overtime?

Do You Know What Could Happen To Your Hair Overtime?
Don’t we just love to flaunt our luminous healthy hair on every occasion? Be it a birthday or a farewell, our dress up is never given a green signal till we have that perfect hairstyle sorted. But what if this treasured possession of ours loses its charm? Well, if proper care is not taken, here is what can happen to your hair over time.

Effects On Hair Over A Period Of Time


Does your hair break while combing? Beware! If yes then this situation can agitate as time passes. This is because, with age, the production of Keratin reduces, which makes your hair fragile. Dryness is another factor that makes your hair brittle and susceptible to breakage.

Hair Fall

Have you ever wondered why hair fall is always linked to getting older? Here’s the reason why. Over time, the follicles’ capacity to produce hair turns down and they become weak. Moreover, the follicles start shrinking, making your hair thinner. This brings down your overall hair volume.

Texture Change

If you’re noticing a gradual change in your hair texture, know that it’s time to switch on the damage control mode.  As your hair ages, the ability of the scalp to produce sebum dips down. This takes away the natural shield of your hair, leaving it prone to a frizz attack. Using heat styling tools for a prolonged period also makes the hair rough and damaged.

Grey Hair

Blame your stressful lifestyle or the hormones, grey hair is bound to take over your crowning glory! Greying of hair takes place due to the diminishing levels of melanin production in the roots. This causes a pigment-less growth of hair which makes it appear white in colour. The best way to stay away from hair greying is by consuming a balanced diet with an abundance of vitamins and minerals that sustain the scalp and boost melanin production.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair?

Just like eating well is important to obtain healthy hair, it is also vital to follow a regular hair care routine to maintain the texture and gloss of your hair. Your routine must include regular oiling, hair wash and conditioning. Deep conditioning your hair once in a while is the best way to provide nourishment to the roots and scalp. The Kaya Root Regen Deep Conditioning Masque is designed to deep condition and impart manageability, visible shine and smoothness to your hair. This masque is enriched with the superfoods; basil root, sugarcane, lemon, avocado, macadamia nuts, 100% natural olive oil and apple extract which help in reducing hair fall and breakage along with providing deep nourishment.

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