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Do You Know What Could Happen To Your Glow Over Time?

Do You Know What Could Happen To Your Glow Over Time?

Don’t we all dream about having an everlasting glow on our skin? But just as dreams end in the blink of an eye, the radiant glow of our skin can be taken away in due course. Pigmentation is the prime culprit that steals the gleam of your skin. Here is how pigmentation can affect your skin over time. 

The Effects Of Pigmentation On Your Skin

If you love flaunting your radiant skin, know that it is soon to be taken over by dark spots and skin discolouration. Our skin gets its colour from a pigment called melanin. Over time, many factors like UV rays, hormonal imbalance and skin inflammation affect the melanin production in our skin, causing pigmentation, also called as hyperpigmentation. The first evident effect that pigmentation has on your skin is a reduction in its shine. It leaves your skin looking dull and lifeless. Pigmentation also affects your even skin tone, making it patchy. It is a felon that invites the signs of ageing even before it’s time for their arrival. 

How To Treat Pigmentation?

Treating pigmentation means reaching right at the bottom of your skin. This can only be possible with the Kaya Insta Clarity Laser Action-Laser Treatment For Pigmentation. This advanced service treats both superficial and deeper pigmentation like uneven skin tone, patchy skin and dark spots. It makes use of a Q-switched laser that is absorbed and dispersed by skin pigments, giving you a smooth and even skin tone.

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