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Do Natural Hair Treatments Really Work?

Do Natural Hair Treatments Really Work?

A lot of us get sceptical when it comes to choosing a good hair care regime. Some treatments may work wonders for others, but they can be epic fails for you. Knowing your hair type and tendency is very important in determining what suits your hair the most. We bring to you natural treatments you should try. Ready to go natural?

For Frizzy, Dry And Damaged Hair

If you have dehydrated, rough, unmanageable hair, natural honey extracts and avocado can be used to give your hair the extra dose of protein. They moisturize your hair shaft to make it look healthy and beautiful again! Use some honey, honey!

For Oily And Greasy Hair

Are you tired of having to wash your hair every other day? We have the solution to your oily hair problems. Corn starch can work wonders in stripping those excessive oils from the scalp. So starch it up.

For Thin, Dull, Life-less Hair

A mixture of beer and eggs with a little oil when spritz onto thin and dull hair, brings the life in your hair. Who knew this beverage was so useful? Using any dairy product like thick yogurt or cream is also a good hair loss solution.

For Flaky Scalp

Poor diet, stress and climate can make your scalp flaky and can give you that dandruff, you can’t get rid of easily. Spray a mixture of lemon and olive oil on your scalp. The citrusy lemon helps fight the bacteria and the olive oil moisturizes the scalp making this combination the best hair treatment available easily.

For Clogged Pores In All Hair Types

Over-use of products on hair leads to clogging of pores. This traps the natural oils, products and dirt into these pores. Baking soda is the best remedy to disintegrate this clog and to make your pores breathe again.

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