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Do BB Creams Help In Getting Even Skin Tone?

Do BB Creams Help In Getting Even Skin Tone?

Isn’t it awe-inspiring to see those magical bb cream ads, working their magic on models with hyperpigmentation. Is that the reason why you’re emptying your purses on these creams? We are here to burst this dillusive bubble of yours. Read on to find out if bb creams do any good to your skin tone.

How Does Pigmentation Affect Even Skin Tone?

Are dark spots and dullness overcasting the radiance of your skin? That’s just one element that pigmentation has to offer. Our skin produces a pigment called melanin which is responsible to give our skin its colour. Over time the production of this pigment is triggered or hampered by factors like sun rays, hormonal imbalance or allergies. This gives rise to pigmentation by making your skin look patchy and uneven.

Do bb Creams Work Well On Your Skin?

If you’ve filled your beauty kit with bb creams, it’s time to discard them right away! Bb creams may claim to be skin perfectionists but that’s just ‘superficial’. These creams act as foundations, giving you a temporary even skin tone.

What Is the Ideal Way To Get Even Skin Tone?

Covering up pigmentation with bb creams won’t give you natural, even-toned skin. It needs a treatment that penetrates deeper into your skin. The Kaya Insta Clarity Q-Switched Laser Treatment For Pigmentation is your ray of light for even skin tone. This treatment targets hyperpigmentation by seeping into your skin pigments and reaching the deeper areas which bb creams can’t cover thus, giving you smooth and even skin tone.

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