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Do All Acne Scars Go Away?

Do All Acne Scars Go Away?

There’s no denying that the site of acne on the face can be a major cause of embarrassment and discomfort. And what could be worse than those deep scars lingering on your skin once your acne has subdued? While you may be in the trauma, wondering if these scars will ever take your leave, let us relieve you by saying that yes these scars CAN go away!

If you have been trying to cover your face with anything and everything possible to hide such embarrassing acne scars, we have a solution to bring back your smooth, even skin. Read on to know the simplest way to reduce acne scars.

How Are Acne Scars Formed?

As the name rightly suggests, scarring results from the inflammation caused on your skin due to acne. Your skin pores are under the constant threat of clogging due to the external impurities meandering around them. These impurities often comprise of dust particles, oil and dead skin cells. When these contaminants settle in the pores and start clogging them, they block the natural oil that is secreted by the sebaceous glands that rest below your skin. The accumulation of this oil creates acne cysts and nodules on your skin.

Doing what your body does the best, when it notices a lesion on your skin, it starts repairing these skin tissues by naturally generating new collagen fibres. This skin cell generation creates bumps on your face and leads to the formation of raised acne scars.

How To Treat Acne Scars?

Acne scars can immensely affect one’s self confidence. Thus, while it is important to eliminate acne scars it is also essential that you ward off the arrival of acne. Controlling acne on your face will help in preventing the formation of new acne scars. Here are a few ways in which acne and acne scars can be eliminated.

Stop Picking Acne

Haven’t you been told a million times to keep your hands off acne and pimples? We know that the thought of acne sitting on your face can irritate you so much that you are constantly urged to touch and pop it. But if you’ve become habitual to such picking and popping, stop it right away! Touching and popping pimples pushes the bacteria deeper into the layer of your skin which can worsen the condition of acne. Such popping also damages the lesions and causes deeper scars.

Opt For Acne Scar Treatments

Opting for acne scar treatments is the easiest way to ward off acne scars from your skin. The Kaya Acne Scar Free Plus one such acne scar treatment that works well on scarred skin. This treatment makes use of a highly effective dermaroller to treat scarring. This dermaroller penetrates the upper layer of your skin at a depth of up to 1.5mm to stimulate collagen production. This helps in permanent reduction of acne scars, making it less visible and giving you smoother skin. The dermaroller creates microchannels in your skin through which a combination of potent actives of Glutathione and Pure Vitamin C are infused into your skin to give it an overall rejuvenating effect.  This treatment requires 4 sessions for optimal results with a gap of 8-10 weeks between 2 sessions.

Don’t Miss Your Beauty Facial

Doesn’t it feel amazing to sit back while your parlour lady is engrossed in giving you a refreshing beauty facial? Just like these facials help in rejuvenating your skin, they also work wonders by eliminating acne from your face. The Kaya PurePore Clear Skin targets the causes of oil buildup on acne prone skin. This facial begins by completely detoxifying your skin. Once your skin is purified, it is cleaned and moisturised to calm and soothe the effects of detoxification. This therapy offers its benefits at every stage of the treatment right from unclogging the pores and controlling excess oil to reducing the dryness and flakiness of your skin while enriching its shine and texture.

Don’t let acne scars hamper your self esteem anymore! Book an appointment at Kaya today to end the deal with acne scars!

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