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Ditch The Razor And Say No To Shaving

Ditch The Razor And Say No To Shaving

Are you the lazy one who reluctantly manages to shave once in a month? Or maybe the fear of pain experienced while waxing and its agony has made you choose the shaver’s path! Whatever it may be, this option, although convenient, comes with a lot of drawbacks. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Laser Hair Removal is the ideal solution that will kick out the baggage that shaving carries along! Read on to know more.

Why Is Shaving Not the Right Option

Ingrown Hair

Shaving may be the most approachable alternative but it makes you pay a heavy price! The major nuisance that razors cause is hair ingrowth. Shaving curls and pushes the hair back into the pores, making them grow into your skin. This gives rise to ingrown and thick hair.

Darkened Skin

Your skin may be your most valuable asset but when razors come into its contact, they cast a dark spell over your skin! Using a razor irritates your skin. This leads to hyperpigmentation where your skin starts producing more pigments in order to cover up the affected area, thus causing darkened skin.

All the men out there, if you’ve been under the impression that women are more prone to facing such issues then let us warn you that shaving does no good to your skin either!

You too may encounter hair ingrowth and darkened skin after shaving but it contributes a little more by making your skin rough and leaving your face with red bumps and painful cuts.

How Is Laser Hair Removal better?

The Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch uses technology that not just removes hair from the outer layer but also destroys the roots by penetrating your skin without affecting the surrounding area. This puts an end to your worries of ingrown hair and discoloured skin. Moreover, as this treatment directly reaches the roots, it reduces the growth of your body hair. And to mention the best part, it is absolutely PAINLESS! You don’t need to worry about the hassle of shaving every time you need to wear a particular outfit. Just sit back and relax at Kaya while our expert technicians work their magic.

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