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Discover beauty secrets you didn't know existed

Discover beauty secrets you didn't know existed

Plus you definitely cannot function till you have your cup of coffee. We believe you are still struggling with your beauty regime and might even have to skip your morning breakfast.  Well, you need not get stressed over having to choose between sleep and beauty. With some simple and practical beauty hacks you can have both.

With these easy hacks, you will be able to follow them while you are half-asleep, but trust us they will make you look like a diva.

  • If you always have a difficult time using soft eyeliner pencils, draw a thick line onto your hand, use a rigid eye brush to pick up the colour and then apply to your eye.
  • Want to make your eyes look bigger and brighter? Line the water rim of your eyes either with flesh coloured liner or white liner.
  • Apply eye cream under and over the eyelids before applying your makeup. You will be able to apply makeup smoothly.
  • Use your ring finger to apply products around the delicate eye area. It uses less pressure compared to other fingers.
  • If you are having a difficult time drawing a straight line off an eyeliner at the base of the lids, draw dashes and connect by smudging the liner with a Q-tip.
  • Always place the mascara wand at the very base of your lash, then using a side-to-side motion, bring the wand upwards in one long, even stroke.
  • Opt for a small mascara brush for your lower lashes, as well as the lashes near the inner corner of your eyes. A smaller brush makes it easier to apply on the smaller lashes.
  • Apply clear mascara to spruce your brows and keep them in place.
  • If you have a square-shaped face, go for a thick brow. If you have a round face, aim for a more defined brow arch to make your face appear oval. If you have a long face, go for a straight, flat brow shape.
  • Use excess eye cream on cuticles. It will help to hydrate your cuticles and make your nails stronger.
  • Apply a shimmery gloss on the centre of your lips, top and bottom – it will attract light to your lips, making them look plump.
  • After using a hair conditioning mask, rinse your hair with cold water to close the hair cuticles.
  • To create a long-lasting matte finish on your lips, take a powder blush and tap it on top of your lipstick and then apply the lipstick.
  • If you want to skip shampooing but do not want greasy bangs, just wash your bangs. It's simple: pull the rest of your hair back in a ponytail, wet your hands with a coin size amount of conditioner, run it through your fringe, and rinse it out.

We hope these easy beauty secrets will help you face a bad day. Do you have any secrets that you can rely on? Feel free to share with us.

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