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Different Methods for Underarm Hair Removal

Body hair is natural in all women, but the rate of growth and texture may vary from women to women. Some women have light and fine hair whilst others have dark and coarse hair. This can be due to hormones, genetics etc. This excessive hair growth in women caused due to hormonal imbalance is called hirsutism. In some women, this is a cause for great embarrassment, and they seek to find a permanent solution for it. One of the areas for causing embarrassment due to this condition is the underarms. There are various clinical as well as home remedies which can be availed for underarm hair removal. For women with light and fine underarm hair, who are keen on removing it, there are easy to follow methods which can be done at home. These underarm hair removal methods require less time and are effective for a short period of time. Listed below are the methods for underarm hair removal which can be done at home:

Various ways of Hair Removal for Underarms


•  Shaving:

This is a commonly used method among women to remove underarm hair. Shaving is also an affordable method for removing underarm hair. Though it is a pain free and easy to do method, it is only effective for a short period of time. In this method, the hair is only removed from the surface so that it is not visible any longer.

•  Waxing:

This method is yet another popular remedy used by women to remove underarm hair. This method involves using hot wax which is applied to your skin and then once it cools down is ripped off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Waxing provides a semi-permanent solution. Waxing is able to hold off hair growth for about 3 weeks.

•  Turmeric Paste:

Using turmeric paste for removing body hair is an ancient technique which works effectively. This method allows to remove hair pain free and the results are relatively permanent. To follow this method mix ½ cup of turmeric with rose water. Stir the mixture, till it forms a paste. Apply this paste to your underarms. Let the paste sit for half an hour. Wipe off the mixture using a towel soaked in warm water. Repeat this process for a week till the hair follicles are loosened.

•  Homemade Sugar Wax:

This is a more permanent homemade remedy. This can be done using ingredients in your kitchen. To make the sugar wax, put sugar in a pan and add water to it. Heat the mixture till the sugar dissolves and forms a brown caramel colour. Keep stirring the mixture while adding a bit of lemon juice to it. Once the mixture becomes waxy in texture take it off the heat and let it cool. Using a spatula apply the wax to your underarm in the direction of the hair growth. Using a strip of cotton cloth press the wax, and rip it off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal – Permanent Solution for Underarm Hair Removal

These home techniques are more applicable for women with light and fine hair. For those women whose underarm hair is coarser in nature, laser treatment for underarms hair removal is recommended. This treatment is precise and quick, and is very effective even for long term results. The cost of laser treatment for underarms hair removal may initially be expensive, but in the long run is economical. Read more about laser hair removal for underarms
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