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Daytime Skincare Regime You Must Follow

Daytime Skincare Regime You Must Follow

Be it our busy lifestyle or our polluted surroundings, our skin is constantly under stress, causing it to lose its glow and become dull. While you may not have much control over the external factors, you can take complete control of your skin protection routine. Here are some Kaya recommendations for your daytime skin regime to get you started!

Fresh Start

A perfect day needs a perfect start. Skin Awakening Rinse is a multi-vitamin shimmering cleanser that is designed to wash away makeup and impurities without altering skin’s natural moisture balance. This cleanser removes dullness to brighten and awaken tired skin, giving it a fresh bloom.

Pre-makeup Ritual

Toning the skin is essential before applying makeup for the day. Kaya’s Daily Pore Minimizing Toner is an alcohol-free toner with soothing botanicals which gently removes impurities and leaves the skin feeling refreshed, refined and comfortable. It helps to evenly tone the skin.

Handy Solutions

You should always carry some handy products in your bag for those emergency fixes. Kaya’s Skin Health Routine is o handy combination of products that nourish your skin and keep it soft, smooth and healthy. It consists of 3 essential Kaya products viz-a-viz Soothing Cleansing Gel, Pore Minimising Tone, and Daily Use Sunscreen + SPF 30 that work together to keep your skin young and healthy. This routine design is for longer and more concentrated use. You can use these products individually or in combination to get flawless skin through the day.

Mask Therapy

Looking to exfoliate on the weekend? We have the perfect recommendation for you. The Insta Brightening Micro-Mask by Kaya is a light, silky gel, transparent rinse-off mask, enriched with a unique combination of botanical extracts. This mask works with a unique technology which releases brightening actives into the skin and gives visibly brighter and radiant skin in just 20 minutes! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Always prep your skin for outdoor days, you need all the protection you can get against the pollution and heat.

Has the sun gotten you worried about your skin? Learn How to get rid of a tan and be sun-protected always!

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