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Chemical Peeling for Even Toned Smooth Skin


Chemical peel is a well-known technique used for aesthetic treatment. It is applied to your face and is made up of mild chemical solutions.


What Is A Chemical Peel?

These chemical peels are gently peeled off once the chemicals dry, which helps to exfoliate your skin. Chemical peeling helps to rejuvenate your skin, giving you smooth and less wrinkled skin. The chemical solution in chemical peeling can be applied to your face, neck or hands. In chemical peeling there are three different types of chemical peels used:

• The Superficial Peel :

In this form of chemical peeling, the mild acid composing of Alpha-hydroxyl is used to gently exfoliate by penetrating the outer layer of skin. This form of peel treatment is used to enhance the appearance of rough skin and treat discolouration. It can be used to refresh the skin on the face, neck, chest etc.

• Medium Peel :

This peel is applied for the penetration of the outer and middle layers. The applied glycolic or trichloroacetic acid helps to remove damaged skin cells. Moderate skin discolouration, age spots, freckles etc. can be treated with this peel.

• Deep Peel :

Trichloroacetic acid or phenol is used to penetrate the middle layer of your skin. This peel treatment is used to treat or remove moderate lines, freckles, shallow scars etc. This treatment can only be performed once, and is known to show dramatic improvement in your skin’s appearance.



What Does Chemical Peeling Treat?

Several concerns regarding your skin can be treated using the chemical peel treatment. Few of these concerns include:

• Facial Scars

• Dark patches, freckles, age spots etc. caused due to pregnancy.

• Types of Acne

• Fine line in the areas surrounding the eyes and mouth.

Prior to determining if you’re in need of a chemical peel treatment, consult with your dermatologist.


Who Is Not A Good Candidate?

Several concerns regarding your skin can be treated using the chemical peel treatment. Few of these concerns include:

• Darker skin tones have a potential risk of developing an uneven skin tone

• Wrinkles which are severe

• Sagging skin

Skin concerns of these kinds can be treated using other methods instead of chemical peels. The treatment using chemical peels are known to show fast and visible signs of skin improvement. Post the chemical peel treatment your skin needs aftercare, which involves protection from UV rays. You can do this by applying sunscreens and wearing brimmed hats when you’re outside.


What Are The Benefits of Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are effectively able to provide results of healthy looking. Listed below are added benefits of chemical peels:

• Since the presence of dead skins has been warded off through this treatment, your skin care products will be able to work better on your skin. Your products are able to work better because there are no dead skins to obstruct their results.

• Chemical peels can be customized. Due to this, these peels can be used on darker skin tones without the risk of discolouration.

• Chemical peels can heal acne and reduce the scars caused by then. But for this result to take place, you will have to consult the dermatologist to avail the right kind of peel for you.

• Chemical peels offer the best fighting chance against melasma which is caused due to hormones and prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Kaya skin clinic offers chemical peel treatment through the Intense Clarity Peel treatment. The intense clarity peel is part of the Pigmentation Reduction System treatment. This treatment uses specialized ingredients and technology to treat age spots, pigmentation etc. The Intense Clarity Peel is one of the peels used at the core of this treatment. This peel system consists of tri-active combinations specially developed by Kaya’s expert dermatologists. The Intense Clarity Peel is an effective combination of derma peels and botanical actives. The properties of this peel help it to naturally lighten and de-pigment your skin. Other than this, it is effective in exfoliating your skin as well. It is able to reduce the pigmentation in your skin by reducing the cell turnover, and the botanical actives are able to provide an even and visibly lighter skin.
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