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Causes Of Baldness In Men And Women


Men often face the embarrassment of a balding head. But while baldness in men is commonly visible, baldness in women is a slow poison. Baldness also called as alopecia, occurs due to a variety of reasons. Our genetics play an important role in our balding patterns and hormones are the key factors in bringing about the baldness. While, our genetics can be blamed, a lot of hair loss also occurs because of our lifestyle i.e. our dietary habits, sleeping patterns, stress levels and exposure to pollution everyday play a major role in hair loss in both men and women. Lack of vitamins, proteins, essential nutrients and minerals are the major causes of early baldness in men and women prevalent today. Men usually start balding from the hair line above the forehead and the crown area of the head while women tend to bald from the areas where they part their hair. 

The Solution

While we can limit some of the hair loss and even reverse it if we have a healthy scalp, it is not possible to do so when the hair follicles are damaged. Because of hormones found specifically on the scalp and because of the external environmental stimuli, the size of our hair follicles shrinks and this causes permanent damage to the follicle. It can no longer produce hair and so a deeper solution is then required. Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions graft follicles from another part of the scalp, into the bald patches to promote new hair growth. With Kaya you can see results that are completely natural looking. 

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