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Breathing new life into Beauty

Breathing new life into Beauty

It is no surprise that we breathe in polluted city air every day. While, we can try and defend ourselves against UV damage with sunscreen but SPF itself won’t help protect against pollution. That, certainly, does not mean that we don’t need sunscreen in our daily skincare but the fact is that we are smothering ourselves in a skin ageing face mask every day.

Research says that urban pollution can age women’s skin 10 percent faster than those who live in non-polluted country side areas. For the modern day urban woman, skin care has never been more essential. Read on for some tips to equip your skin against pollution.


As you go through everyday life, particulate matter, or tiny particles in the air leach on to your skin. But as it isn’t immediately damaging, wash your face with the right cleanser that washes off bad molecules but doesn’t strip the skin of its key oils.

Evening is the most crucial time to cleanse. Double cleanse with cream then gel to be sure. Sonic cleansing brushes are said to work better than manual cleansing. And bad news, wipes won’t do the job.


Getting rid of the dead, dulling, polluted cells on your skin surface is a must. The main function of your skin is to act as a barrier so keeping harmful pollutants out of your body is key. Go for a product that is gentle enough to use thrice a week.


Moisturize with creams that absorb to the base of the surface layers of the skin. Unlike what people believe, water-based creams do not cause acne break outs but they can help build up moisture reserves in the skin to prevent the absorption of pollutants.

Treating Your Skin

Face masks have evolved from the basic mud pack and cucumber slices. Regular facials or an enzyme peel at home can help to dissolve dead surface layers where any pollutants may be trapped. Defending masks boost the skin’s barrier when they are on the face and block receptors that pollutants normally lash onto in between treatments.


The best way to protect your skin against pollution is to apply antioxidants like vitamins C and E. These are vital to neutralize the free radical havoc unleashed by pollution. Antioxidants curb and even reverse age spots triggered by pollution.

Sun Protection

SPF won’t protect you but skipping it can worsen UV damage. How come? UV rays and air toxins together work as a supervillain dynamic duo against your skin. Sun exposure and a polluted environment can cause more skin damage together then they do individually. So, your take way skin care tip is to SPF always.

More Ways To Fight Pollution

Foundation can block the amount of pollutants that can get in and lash onto your skin. Look for glycerin, lanolin, niacinamide and beeswax for skincare ingredients. Use a light hydrating spray throughout the day to make your skin less prone to flakiness and bacterial infection.

Think about where to walk in town, avoid walking past smoking zones near office blocks. The smoke will hit your skin as you pass by breaking down your anti-oxidant barrier. Try holding up a scarf to your face in such situations.

We can’t escape pollution all together but we can certainly be defensive in our skin care routine to reduce its drastic effects to the minimum. Let’s Talk About Scrubs, shall we?

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