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Body Hair Removal for Men


Body hair are a natural covering human body is gifted or burdened with. While for men it could be a symbol of pride but quite a lot of women find it uneasy especially when it prevents them from wearing a dress which reveals their body hair. Some people find body hair uncomfortable as they want their skin to appear smooth. To help with that, there are many techniques to remove body hair. However, before we get to that, it is important to know that different types of body hair exists and the best hair removal technique depends on the type of the hair.

Types of Hair

While you may consider using one of the several hair removal procedures, it is important to know the different types of hair a human body has. Body hair is made of a protein called keratin which is found in our finger and toe nails. Our hair grows from under the surface of the skin at a root inside a follicle which is a small tube found in the skin. Hair are essentially of two types


This type of hair is soft and short and is commonly found in the various body parts of women such as chest, face, arms and on the back. On the face, it is usually found above the upper lips and the chin. In some women vellus is lighter while darker in others depending on the skin tone and complexion.

Terminal :

Such hair type is rough in texture, dark and long. They are rough as they act as a cushion against the friction. In women, terminal hair is found only in the armpits and the pubic area while in men, it is also found on the face, chest, legs, back and sometimes even on the shoulders depending on the geographical location.Since there are multiple hair types, it can be easily assumed that removing different hair types would need different procedures in place.


Hair removal for men :

It is a common myth that shaving is the one stop hair removal shop for men. Hair removal for men sounds easier but they also need multiple hair removal options. Shaving is the least expensive hair removal process and works well only on the face but for legs and chest, they can either go for waxing or hair removal creams can be used. Removing hair from legs could be taxing if not done well and tiny leftovers will prove to be irritating while wearing trousers.

Hair removal methods for men

Shaving :

For men the straight forward use of razors is the remove the facial hair, however, razors can also be used for shaving body parts such as arm pits, legs, and even private areas. The hair removed through shaving grows back in 3 days and the process is to be repeated. The process is quick and easy but it has some issues as well. It can cause cuts and burns and might give you reds on the skin. However, nowadays softer razors are available in the market which cause minimal to no burn effects.


Plucking is a portable way of getting rid of facial hair and you can even use it to pluck out black heads on your nose and adjoining areas. The downside is that you can only remove one hair at a time and it can cause temporary burns if you haven’t plucked the hair well. It is usually done on the face. Plucking hardly takes anytime and can be over in 10minutes at the maximum.

Male Threading:

It is a common hair removal technique for the facial hair including nose, chin, eye brows. This is done by using a thread and twisting it with fingers and maneuvering it on the targeted area to remove the hair. It is not a permanent hair removal measure but it can keep the facial hair at bay for at least 5-7 days. It is very economical and painless technique which can be done at home or a salon.

Hair Removal Cream for Men:

It is a creamy liquid which removes the hair from the skin. This cream when applied on the skin dissolves the hair which can later be washed away. This is a very quick process and depilatories are easily available at drug stores. They can be best used on legs, under arms, private areas and even on the face. This helps the user in staying hair free upto 2 weeks. However, you may have issues with the odour. In case of sensitive skin, this may result in temporary allergic reaction or rashes on your skin. It is essential to confirm that the depilatory being used if suitable for the private areas otherwise it may cause burning reaction on the sensitive skin.

Waxing for Men

This is a long lasting hair removal procedure and the hair won’t grow back upto 4 weeks. This can be done with professional help or as a DIY process at home. However, this is an expensive process if done professionally. Doing it at home would require wax, a piece of cloth and warm water. Waxing makes the body area smooth and waxing kits are easily available at most drug stores and departmental outlets. Though the impact of waxing does hurt a bit for a moment but then it is a fine way to keep your body smooth and keeps the hair at bay for a bit longer. Waxing is done to remove the hair on hands, legs and chest or even back.Waxing consumes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour’s time depending upon which area is being waxed.


One of the permanent ways of body hair removal, electrolysis is a time consuming and an expensive hair removal technique. In this process, electric current is sent through the hair root in order to kill it and subsequently stems the hair growth permanently. Although, some people have experienced regrowth of hair after electrolysis. This process targets the smaller areas of body such as eye brows, under arms and upper lips. This is done over several sittings and takes around 10-16 hours in total with an approximate 15-30mins per treatment. The treatment may go on for a year basis the amount of hair being removed.

Laser Hair Removal*

This is a long lasting hair removal technique and it can be done on larger body parts making the process short. A laser beam is positioned to the hair follicles through the skin to stop the growth. Laser hair removal* is best recommended to the fair skinned people with dark hair as the melanin present in the dark hair absorbs light too well which makes the technique efficient.Laser hair removal* takes around 30 minutes for each treatment and can involve upto 6-8 treatment sessions depending on the hair growth on your body.Now that we know the different techniques for hair removal, it is important to know what the best options are as per the body part involved.

Body Areas and Most Suitable Hair Removal Techniques For Them:



• Chest Hair Removal:

Chest hair can be cleaned through various methods such as waxing, shaving, trimming, and by using hair removal creams. One can even go for electrolysis and laser hair removal* but chest being a large area it might be expensive to go for both these techniques.


• Back Hair Removal :

The best way to remove back hair is waxing and shaving, especially with the back shaver with wider blades. Other techniques, however, are depilatories and hair removal creams.


    • Legs Hair Removal :

    Being a wider area like chest and back, the best technique for removing hair for legs is shaving and waxing. While waxing can be a little painful, one can even go for depilatories.
Except Electrolysis and Laser hair removal*, the methods above can be tried at home to achieve the desired results. However, the laser hair removal* is the best available technique for a long lasting hair removal assistance.

Kaya’s Hair Removal for Men

This is where Kaya can help you achieve smooth and hair free skin. For permanent body hair reduction, Kaya presents Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch Laser. At Kaya, we use US FDA approved Nd-YAG Painfree Laser Technology to give users a pain free and hair free experience. We customize our services as per the type of hair and follow simple procedures to give our users the desired results. We aim to understand the type of skin, type of hair, and the pattern of hair growth. Then we perform the laser hair removal* process on small area of the skin to check the sensitivity of skin. Based on the results, we customize our services performed on the users by our certified laser therapist under supervision of a dermatologist. Permanent hair removal can used for several body parts and areas. It can be used for under arms, arms, legs, facial hair, abdomen, chest, back, and bikini areas.With Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch Laser, you can successfully fight the nemesis of body hair and gain hair free and smooth skin.
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