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Black Peel Treatment – For Acne Of All Types

Black Peel Treatment – For Acne Of All Types

At times we address them as blackheads, blemishes, whiteheads, pimples or zits. When you just have a few red spots, or pimples, you suffer from mild acne. Severe acne usually covers the face, neck, chest, back and it also causes big, solid red inflammations that are painful. Most times, severe forms of acne can cause scarring.

Usually teens are the most affected by acne. It generally gets better after the teen years. Some women who never suffered acne while growing up might have it as an adult, often right before or after their menstrual cycle.

Applying oil-based skin products or cosmetics can make acne severe. Use skin products that do not block your pores.

Acne is also passed through hereditary. If one of your parents had severe form of acne, you are prone to have it.

Understanding your skin

Tiny sebaceous glands are found under the skin surface. These glands produce the oil (sebum) that keeps the skin elastic and smooth. Pores on the skin permit the oil to come on to the skin surface. Hairs also grow through these pores. During the growing years, you make much more oil than as a child. This is due to the hormonal changes which stimulate the sebaceous glands. The more sebum that you make, the greasier your skin feels and worse the acne is likely to be.

To prevent acne, keep your skin clean. Avoid skin products that block your pores. Wash your skin once or twice a day with a gentle cleanser or acne wash. Avoid scrubbing or picking your pimples. This can aggravate and can cause scars.

What makes acne worse?

  • Thick or oily make-up will worsen it. You can use make-up to cover some mild blemishes.
  • Picking and squeezing the pimples may cause further irritation and scarring.
  •  Heavy sweating or severe humidity can aggravate acne. The extra sweat probably leads to blocking pores.
  •  Wearing tight clothes can cause friction and increased sweating which may lead to pimples
  • Some medicine, steroid creams and ointments that are used for eczema can cause acne. It is better to not stop the prescribed medicine if you are doubtful that it is causing acne but inform your doctor.

For severe forms of acne and scarring, there are different forms of treatment. Black peel treatment is an effective treatment. Usually these peels are meant for facial treatments.

Black peel treatment consists application of ingredients such as chemicals to remove and renew damaged skin. Black peel can improve the appearance of your facial skin. The peel removes off the top layer skin, uncovering newer, younger looking skin. It rejuvenates the look of the skin and gives the skin texture a boost. It is a simple, fast and highly effective way to attain glowing skin for a special occasion and can also be used to significantly to lessen blemishes.

Black peel is an organic peel based on black vinegar. It contains huge amounts of organic materials, minerals and particularly high concentrations of vital amino acids. Black peel treatment works on acne of all types of black heads, white heads, pimples, pustules, nodules and cysts as well as acne pigments, scars, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced and younger looking skin appears.

Black peel treatment instigates trauma to the epidermis of the skin, which causes the outer layers to exfoliate. When the skin begins to heal, improved cell growth produces new and healthy skin that gives the face a younger appearance.

We offer five different types of peel and during your consultation advice will be offered on choosing the correct peel for your concerns.

Best effects are achieved and managed from peels if the right skin care routine for your skin is established. At Kaya we evaluate your skin and advise the best skin care for your personal needs. Visit to know more.

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