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Best Tips To Get Rid Of A Swimmer’s Tan

Best Tips To Get Rid Of A Swimmer’s Tan

Got that bad tanning due to swimming after a summer long swimming programme or from your swimming routine? As much as we all enjoy swimming, we don’t like the tan that comes with it. And while a sunscreen lotion protects us from the UV rays, it doesn’t entirely prevent the tanning. After the summer is over, we want our natural glow back, don’t we? We tell you how to remove swimming tan to leave your skin bright and beautiful. 

Why Do We Tan?

Our skin has melanin which is responsible for our skin’s colour. When this pigment comes in contact with UV rays it is produced in excess leading to pigmentation or tanning. The water in a swimming pool contains chlorine salts which, together with the sunrays can cause excessive tanning of the skin. 

The Chlorine Damage

Chlorine in water can also make our skin dry, damaged, aged, acne-prone, irritable and in extreme cases, it can cause cancer.

The Best Skin Care For Swimmers

Skin tanning due to swimming can be prevented by adequate usage of sunblock creams, moisturizing skin routine after a swim and regular hygiene regimens. For swimming tan removal, the instant and effective way is to use Q-switched laser technology.

Kaya Insta Clarity Laser Technology

The best Q-switched laser technology available is Kaya Insta Clarity Laser. This is the gold standard for treating both superficial and deep pigmentations of skin. It uses a laser technology that is absolutely free for Indian skin type. The laser beam only marks the pigmented skin and leaves the area surrounding it unaffected. This revolutionary technology gives visibly brighter skin in just one session.

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